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True Crime: A Not-So Secret Survival Guide For Mystery Rookies

Over the last few decades, young millennials and Generation Z have become interested in the True Crime genre.

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True Crime is an exhilarating genre of secrets and lies in real life without physically being there.

Over the last few decades, young millennials and Generation Z have become interested in the True Crime genre. Even though this genre has been around, it’s becoming more captivating for watchers. For the last couple of years, networks have been producing streaming networks strictly following anything from True crime shows to movies.

True Crime watchers may find this genre interesting yet scary. However, some people are just newly introduced to the genre for the first time. Those who never watched anything True Crime may wonder what shows to get started with, what networks have the shows or movies, or wanna watch something new.

Evil Lives Here: Sibling Horror (Credit: ID channel/Discovery+)

Step 1: Know Why True Crime is an “it” genre run?

True crime can be debated back to the 16th century to advance the development of criminal justice and the printing press. Although it wasn’t until 1966 that it became more popular as a genre when Truman’s Capote book, The Cold Blood, came out. It was about the trial and conviction of Randall Dale Adams. People were so intrigued there was a 1967 film and a 1988 documentary about the case.

Americans and other countries are obsessed with it due to its juicy details and thriller moments. It could be about a serial killer, family member, thieves, charming conman, or even your mother. It was the art of the unknown. You never know what or who is behind the sinister act until the pieces start coming together as you watch. Experts think it’s the thrill and the adrenaline of trying to figure out who the culprit is as you watch everything unfold. It also gives us insights on how to solve puzzles, figure out clues, and speculate why criminals may act or do what they do.

Step 2: Find or Pick a network/streaming service

Even though True Crime is famous, watchers are still unaware of where to watch the genre. As of the pandemic, most channels have switched to producing streaming networks. Netflix is one of the very first streaming services since Blockbuster came. Disney, Warner bros(HBO Max), Peacock, Discovery, and Hulu. Netflix has released a true crime documentary or mini-series since December 2020. Discovery + has added the ID Channel, a channel which is named Investigation Discovery, for mainly true crime shows. They have a vast catalog of trine crime underneath that channel. Hulu also has a true crime section( not as extensive as Netflix and Discovery+) for those with this streaming service. Peacock, Disney, and HBO Max have a few items to watch that are true crime but limited. So for any new watcher, Netflix, Hulu, or Discovery would be the best options to stream.

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Step 3: What are some True Crime recommendations?

Evil lives here- Discovery+

A series that has been around for 12 seasons with spin-offs. True crime series with chilling, disturbing scenarios that unfold on your television of stories. People tell the stories of loved ones who became killers. Each hourlong episode puts viewers in the shoes and eyes of the loved one as they describe living with a killer. They describe signs who first noticed acts and clues as coming face to face with the horrible truth. One thing that a viewer can understand: the person was pure evil. The series showcases evidence, interviews, key facts, testimonies, videotapes, and critical moments leading to people finding out the crimes the person caused.

Evil lives here scene (Credit: ID Channel/Discovery+)

Snapped -Peacock(WeTv/Oxygen)

A show that has been on for over 30 seasons on the WeTv network. The first episode premiered on August 6, 2004, on Oxygen (Wet) for viewers to follow why these horrible crimes were commented on by those who “snapped.” Each episode of this reality series examines a different culprit, who happens to be a woman( majority of the time). They have either attempted or committed murder. The unfortunate victim is usually a family member, friend, or significant other. It features interviews with cops, attorneys, journalists, and family members of the accused and victims.

Snapped episode of woman killing her husband (Credit: Oxygen/Wetv )

Law and Order Series -Hulu/Peacock

The Law and Order Series have been around for over 20 seasons with two popular spin-offs. Law and order: Special victims unit is a recent spin-off famous among viewers for its true crime drama. It features crimes in New York from the point of view of the detectives and prosecutors to pursue justice for the victims.
Each Law and Order series is similar yet different. Organized Crime is based on crimes that can be international, gangs, sex trafficking, drugs, and cartels. SVU( Special Victims Unit) is based on crimes of sexual nature( rapes, sexual assaults, etc.). Criminal Intent, which solved unconventional crimes (Major Case Squad). The original Law and order weigh in detectives, prosecutors, suspects, and evidence on all sides for justice. Each other has its own and different storylines that can overlap or crossovers. This series is an excellent way to binge over days to weeks and keeps you interested in every twist.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – Amy Carlson (Credit: Creator: Sabrina Schwitzer/Google Images)

The Girl in Picture- Netflix 

One of Netflix’s new movie documentaries of 2022 has people gasping and on the edge of their seats. This story goes on about a young mother’s mysterious death that has twists and turns that led to her son’s surprising abduction, which remains unsolved for decades.

Photo of Tonya Hudges (many aliases) Credit: Netflix

Keep, Sweet: Pray & Obey-Netflix 

A horrendous, jaw-dropping mini-series about the rise of Warren Jeffs: Jeffs was a part of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Days Saints. This series centers around the Church and the criminal case that unravels the hidden truths behind Jeff’s rule within the church. It begins with his father and the rise of his reign until the very end. This is a current popular series on Netflix that everyone is talking about. Anyone interested in true crime centering around the church should have a watch to see what happens.

Photo of the women of the fundamentalist church on Netflix YT. (Credit: Netflix )

Despite this, True Crime is full of unraveling twists and turns that can make viewers obsessed with this genre. Evil fascinates us due to our curiosity to understand what makes a killer. If you are a new watcher or trying to jump into the dark reality of True Crime, follow this guide as a starter kit to the thrilling world of drama that can be taboo of facts.

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