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Top 5 Anime to Watch While You’re on Vacation!

This is an introduction of five cool anime stories to enjoy on your vacation!

2 anime scenes split down the middle: A blue jeep driving past Mt Fuji in Japan, and a tall palm tree with the sun shining down through the leaves.

Need a break from the bustle of work and daily stress? I recommend 5 slice of life anime series that have the coziest and most chill scenes, with little drama going on in the overall plot.

Slice of life stories focus more on characters doing everyday things! Most episodes will have calm, slow plots, with warm and fluffy emotions as the highlight! Where most anime recommendations focus on guts, drama and gore, these animes provide sweetness and relaxation. The characters’ funny and engaging personalities will be what drives the story. The sweet nature of these animes will be therapy for your mind.

5. Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

Do you love sleeping in when there’s nothing to do? This show is guaranteed to make you feel snuggled and cozy when watching in your bed!

The story begins with the cliche plot that the princess is kidnapped and held hostage by the demon king, while a hero party ventures to save her. They fear for her safety. However, the only thing on her mind is sleep! She leaves her prison room to search for things that will improve sleep quality. Ironically, the demons act more scared of her! Their reactions to her schemes are hilarious. They even respect and care for her, unable to resist her cuteness.

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle is comedic with plenty of cute and silly characters. There is a bit of violence, and even profanity if you’re watching the dub version. Still, each episode is just a package of wholesome entertainment!

4. Harukana Recieve

This series may appeal to you beach-sports lovers out there. The landscape animation is beautiful, the story-telling interesting and fun!

Highschool student Haruka moves to a town by the beach to live with her cousin and grandmother. While she’s very tall, her cousin Kanata is short, both of them feeling insecure about their heights and the attention it gets them. Haruka meets two girls practicing beach-volleyball and is excited to be part of the sport. Yet, tension is high as Kanata is forced to face her past as a failed teammate.

The story does well to illustrate the mild tension between the characters and when playing the competitive sport. You will be rooting for them to win, and for Kanata to find her inner strength!

Harukana Recieve does include a warning for “sexualized imagery”, as most of the show the characters are in swimsuits and it does not shy away from explicit shots or interactions. If you don’t mind that, you know, it’s a beach setting, then go add it to your Crunchyroll watchlist!

3. Healer Girls

This show is very cute and soothing! In addition to modern and traditional medicine, a magical form of medicine exists in this world through song and music. The voice acting in the sub is beautiful and you will feel relaxed right along with the patients in the show.

The series focuses on 3 girls as they train to be professional healers. It takes alot of vocal strength, and is not easy! Yet it pays off when they succeed in saving another person from pain! The anime creatively shows how scary it can get when things go wrong, just like in real medicine. So, training demands a lot of serious dedication!

In addition, there are plenty of fun moments where the characters are just being kids and trying other new things! You learn about their motivations and goals, as well as get a good laugh at their gags. Healer Girls is perfect for those who love magical girl animes, or girl friendship animes in general!

3. Laid-back Camp

Are you planning your summer with camping and hikes? Take this anime in your pocket to accompany you on your adventures.

High schooler Rin loves camping by herself on the weekends. One day, she encounters a lost girl who just wanted to see Mt Fuji in person. Her kindness awakens the other girl’s interest in camping, especially near Mt Fuji. At school, they meet other like-minded girls and form the Outdoors Club! Rin slowly opens up to sharing her camping time with friends, and realizes it’s just as fun!

Laid-Back Camp has great landscape animation which immerses you into the world of these characters. You find yourself enjoying the sunrise right along with them! You will watch the girls work towards and fulfill their goals of getting gear and learning camp safety in this wholesome anime.

In addition, there are a few live episodes about the main voice actress going on camping trips in Japan! You can learn tips from her and see the real experience of enjoying Japanese outdoors right on camera. If you like the series, come check out Room Camp, a spin-off series of high rating that focuses on three of the main characters’ adventures.

1. Frieren: Beyond the Journey

This new anime of the past year has been skyrocketing in highly recommended reviews. It uses the perfect balance of slice of life, emotional scenes and exciting drama thoughout its first season. Frieren is for those who love to escape reality into the genre of fantasy.

Elves have the mortality of several thousand years. Because of this, Frieren spent most of her life distant and apathetic towards relationships because she knew she would eventually lose them and have to move on. She still feels this way even after joining a ten-year journey to defeat a demon king.

Her development takes a turn once her hero friends start to die of old age, and she regrets not spending more time getting to know them personally. Now, she repeats that journey’s route with new friends beside her! Over the course of the episodes, you watch Frieren warm up to humanity and appreciate them, marveling at how fast they grow. The scenes will melt your heart, I promise!

The anime gets off to a grievous start, but the story pacing is slow. The continuous flute music and flashbacks makes a nostalgic atmosphere. Like Frieren, you will feel no need to rush, except to binge towards the end! Despite the slow pacing, the anime makes sure that each episode leaves you craving more.

This makes the action episodes all the more exciting to watch! Frieren Beyond the Journey doesn’t disappoint when a battle scenes arrives, and epic boss music plays to the satisfying victory. Everything is high stakes, and the animation is beautiful. There are a lot of paralleled themes in the anime, such as the passage of time, that are brilliant story designing.

So there it is, 5 relaxing anime from least well known to most popular! If you love adventurous anime with funny cute characters, then please check out these unique series on Crunchyroll! Enjoy your vacation, and see you next time!

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