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WATCH: Threatin Drummer Reveals Shocking News About Tour Hoax

This will literally rock your world.

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If you have never heard of the hoax that is Threatin, you are in for a real treat. Though formed in 2012, the American rock band has gained notoriety in the last several months after shocking reveals. Moreover, the drummer of the band just dropped a truth bomb on all of us.

Founded by Jered Eames, Threatin began as a solo act. Originally, Eames sang and played every instrument. Over the years, the group grew to have a drummer, guitarist, and bassist, but Eames remained at the helm as lead vocalist. Other than an album release in 2017, the band has not had any notable moments, until November of 2018 that is.

In November, Threatin announced it would be touring Europe. Venues were informed of the gigs and hundreds of tickets were sold. So November rolls around, and here is the kicker: these shows were played to empty rooms. Yes, you read that right. Threatin faked an entire tour. But wait, this gets worse: Threatin doctored performance footage, created bogus websites to scam record labels, and even bought their 38,000 Facebook page likes.

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Supposedly, the three other band members were completely blindsided by this incident and had no idea Eames was such a weirdo. The three others have since left the tour and headed home (and far, far away from Eames). In a recent Facebook video, Dane Davis – Threatin’s drummer – spoke out about the ordeal. Take a look below:

Some interesting points arise from this video:

  1. How could Dane and the other band members not possibly have known about this hoax?
  2. Who knew that Dane, Gavin, and Joe were actual people!?
  3. Let’s hope that Gavin doesn’t have a rough go since he’s staying with Eames until he can buy a ticket home.

A particular moment of interest is when Dane says, “more updates are coming.” What does he mean? How could there be developments to this story when it was just busted wide open? Is Eames going to try and continue Threatin as a one-man show and keep conning people while he’s at it? Let’s hope the media continues to expose this dude for who he is: a vain and attention-obsessed nutcase who will stop at nothing to get his 15 minutes of fame.

We know you’re incredibly invested in this story now. Here is a look at the fake tour footage.

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