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The Corona Christmas Number One is Sausage Roll Themed and It’s Saving the Nation

So can a sausage roll song winning Christmas number one save the UK?

Credit: YouTube/LadBaby

Forget The Mandalorian, the season finale of 2020 is far better watching. Christmas is cancelled, Brexit is imminent, Coronavirus is mutating. And, most importantly, the UK Christmas Number 1 will likely be about a sausage roll, I love humanity.

That’s right, the world’s falling apart, and the UK is answering with pork-based bangers. Having already secured two Christmas number ones, YouTuber LadBaby is back with ‘Don’t Stop Me Eatin’. The song is the pastry-filled Journey cover we didn’t know we needed right now. Watch below:

Credit: YouTube/LadBaby

This isn’t just just a tribute to our favourite baked snack however, this song is saving the nation. Food banks are becoming stressed around the developed world, highlighted by mile-long queues in America and Marcus Rashford’s campaigning in the UK.

England and Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford has received an MBE for his work in food poverty (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

So can a sausage roll song winning Christmas number one really save the UK? In a manner of speaking, I suppose it can. All money earned through purchasing and other channels from the song will be donated to The Trussel Trust. The trust aims to halt the UK need for food banks.

YouTuber LadBaby deployed ‘the world’s fastest shed’ in his music video to increase donations (Credit: YouTube/LadBaby)

Yeah, yeah, it’s not the vaccine or a Brexit deal. But, in their own little way, sausage rolls are going to help the UK out of 2020. I think that might be the most British thing to happen this Christmas. So make a donation, a download, or maybe even fulfil your sausage roll dreams at home.

It’s comforting to know no matter how tough things get, there’ll always be a Brit there, autotune dialled to unlimited, winning Christmas number 1 with a piece of 80’s cover karaoke. 

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