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Post Malone Reflects on 2019 and the Future

Post Malone shared some pretty interesting takes with Adam Glyn on the streets of New York City.

Image from Tore Sætre / Wikimedia

Featured image credit: Image from Tore Sætre / Wikimedia

Post Malone shared some pretty interesting takes with Adam Glyn on the streets of New York City. Check out the video here.

What did he make of 2019?

2019 was a big year for Post Malone. It’s no surprise that time has flown by for him. Post described 2019 as ‘short’. His highlights included “putting out a new album, going on tour”. His third album ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ dropped on September 6th and he started his ‘Runaway Tour’ started September 14th.

What does he think 2020 will bring?

A simple answer here, Post says we should expect “hopefully more of the same, you know tryna bust my ass, keep making music and having a good time”. We hear you, Post.

And what about THAT tattoo?

Turns out he’s wanted to get the “gauntlet and flail” design for a while. He dismissed any concerns about what others might think, claiming he has a “face for radio” anyway. That’s one way to look at it!

Post Malone: singer, songwriter … actor?

Posty took a role in the new Guy Richie movie Cash Truck opposite Jason Statham this year. Will he take on more roles? Well, he says he wants to ‘expand into other things and test myself to see what I can do”. He said he has not had acting lessons. However, he is not running before he can walk, taking the view that he is ‘pretty sh**ty at it’. Post clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously.

And how does that tattoo impact his potential acting projects? Well, he admits that “with this new tattoo, I can only really play the bad guy”. That doesn’t seem to faze him, though!

Now the big one … what is Post’s album of the year?

“That’s really tough, there’s a lot of good ass f***ing music that came out this year”. Post thinks that “everybody crushed it”. What a diplomat.

What’s next for the crocs?

Post released a line of crocs that sold out within two hours. Yep, that’s right. So was that a one-time thing? Apparently not, with Post saying nonchalantly ‘oh let’s make some more’.

And finally, what does he make of his beloved Dallas Cowboys’ future?

Post Malone is a massive fan of the Dallas Cowboys American football team. So, the report of a new coach is sure to matter to him greatly. When drawn on this possibility, he took a diplomatic tone though, saying “I know that we have a great team and I know next year morale’s going to be up and everybody’s gonna want to kick some ass so I’m excited to see”.

We’ve seen Post Malone’s takes on recent events, now why not read about his run-in with paranormal spirits from times gone by. Post vs. ghost, some might say…

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