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“Oh My Gosh, The Saved By The Bell Musical Might Even Top Hamilton!” Reports Woman Whose Favorite Musical Is Whichever One She Saw Last  

“Saved By The Bell” has now become a musical.

Credit: NBC Productions

As if it wasn’t bad enough that she still acts like she’s a fucking critic for The New Yorker every time someone so much as mentions the word “musical,” Kimberly’s got a whole new thing to latch onto now.

A musical rendition of Saved By The Bell, the popular 1980s teenage dramedy, already enjoyed a successful Broadway premiere. Now, it’s debuting in London’s West End. It’s called Bayside, named after the show’s high school, and… Christ, it looks like Kimberly’s already saddling up on that high horse of hers just to tell us how fucking “jubilant” it is.

Once she saw Hamilton, I honestly thought I was going to die. Our team extracted the following screenshot from Kim’s Facebook just to show you exactly what we’re dealing with here.

God, we get it, Kim. Russel Crowe.

Since she’s already seen the damn thing twice, she’ll probably be skipping “across the pond” to go see it in England, but really she’s just doing it so she can post a picture in front of Buckingham Palace and say “Toodle-oo!” in the caption.

In a coincidental report, 100% of people writing this article agree Kimberly needs to send out a couple of manuscripts to the Times just so she can get taken down a couple of pegs.

The musical premieres at The Other Palace in London’s West End, and will go from March 9 to the 17th. The show’s producer is happy to give his audience something purely for entertainment and denies any implication of grander political or cultural themes.

There’s bound to be a lot more cursing and sex jokes, apparently. That could be cool. But, and I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what Saved By The Bell is about.

I’m sure Kimberly will catch me up to speed though.

Seems like everything’s getting a musical these days, even the Kardashians!

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