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VIDEO: Meet Mac Sabbath – A Fast Food Themed Black Sabbath Cover Band


Mac Sabbath front man Ronald Osbourne. (Photo via Facebook)

You heard it right. Mac Sabbath is the first fast food themed black sabbath cover band. What has the world come to?

There’s a lot of crazy sh*t going on in the world at the moment. Trump. Brexit. The Kardashians are still a thing. But this story is definitely one of the whackiest…

So, here it is. The MCDONALDS themed Black Sabbath cover band. Cunningly named ‘Mac Sabbath’. I don’t know whether to shake my head in shame at that or to actually be really impressed and jealous I didn’t think of it myself.

It’s pretty weird. It’s not two things you would ordinary put together, but hey.  They have their own website where they promotes their music and upcoming events. The band consists of a few guys dressed up as fast food. That would be a trippy concert to go to if you’re stoned. And I imagine anyone who pays to see these guys probably is stoned. And they probably all are too.

Check out their single ‘Pair-a-Buns’:

The video and lyrics is a mix of fast-food puns and bizarrely violent imagery. It’s unnerving but difficult to look away from. You can’t help but respect the creative fast-food related names they’ve come up with as their song titles. A few personal favourites being: ‘Chicken for the slaves’ (a take on ‘Paranoid) and ‘Frying Pan’ (a take on ‘Iron Man’).

Not exactly inspirational, but definitely entertaining.

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