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Holocaust Survivor Forms Metal Band

She beat the Nazis, can’t get more metal than that.

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97-Year-Old Inge Ginsberg has survived the Holocaust, spied for the OSS, composed songs and produced records. Now she’s become the frontwoman of a metal band.

Hey, if Christopher Lee could do it, Inge Ginsberg sure as hell can. Ginsberg calls herself a writer, not a singer, and it is for this reason that the band’s songs are based around her lyrics. First and foremost however, she’s a poet.

Before appearing with the Tritone Kings, Ginsberg has has lived a wild and varied life. As a Jewish person growing up in Vienna in the 1930s, Ginsberg and the rest of her family were targeted by the Nazi regime which installed itself there in 1938. The family was separated and Ginsberg’s mother fled the Holocaust, travelling over the Alps with her children in 1942, nearly freezing to death.

After spending time as refugee in Switzerland, Inge eventually found employment with the OSS and was hired to spy on the Nazis. She would later go on to emigrate to the USA where she would become a successful song writer in Hollywood.

These days however, Ginsberg divides her time between writing poetry and singing for the Tritone Kings. They competed in Switzerland’s Got Talent back in 2016 and auditioned for America’s Got Talent more recently. You can watch this in Leah Galant’s short documentary Death Metal Grandma just below:


Inge Ginsberg is a Holocaust survivor, and that’s just about as metal as it gets. If you want to read about to other elder metalheads, check out this story.

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