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German Club Hosts a Drive-In Rave Amid Coronavirus Restrictions

Any chance to return to some kind of normalcy.

Featured Image Credit: Devin Wild/Rieverze Media

So we’ve all made it to day whatever it is now and with some places looking to relax the restrictions in place, it’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Opening retail is a great way to help rebuild the economy, at least a little, but consumers I’m afraid are going to make a beeline for the stores simply to get out of the house. While I understand the urge to get out and do something else, masks and social distancing still need to be taken seriously. Other countries around the world seem to be doing this better than some of the U.S. is. For example, a club in Germany held a drive-in rave over the weekend. It was very popular, as you can imagine, since these events are usually packed with people.

According to a source at, this German club, Club Index, let 500 people attend the event-two people per car so 250 cars. Famed Dutch DJ Devin Wild headlined the event and was there himself, wearing a face mask ( 1). People even got involved by honking their horns with all the excitement of being in that atmosphere again ( 1). This does help people’s spirits during this difficult time and I’m all for that.

Attendees Video Footage
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The fireworks are a nice touch as well to go along with the lights and the music. Even though those cars look like they’re pretty close together, people did not get out of them and disregard the event’s intentions. This went over so well that more “autodiscos are planned for the future, with even a family friendly event being set up” ( 1). As long as people follow the rules and protect themselves and others, I think this is a great way to have some fun and still respect the restrictions in place. This could also help drive-ins make a comeback, not just with movies but these kind of events as well. Get your friends to go (in their own cars of course) and be able to share in an experience together and get to see each other. Many are having virtual dinners, date nights, game nights, and so on and that’s great. If people can follow the rules, drive-ins could be another step closer to being with friends and family. We are all in this together but we only can be if we follow the guidelines and keep protecting ourselves from Coronavirus. Keep staying safe everyone!

Featured Image: Bootshaus. Bootshaus Mainfloor. April 1, 2015. Retrieved via

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