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Beyoncé Renaissance Tour Review: KNTY Couture and Queer Homages

From gag worthy outfits to stunning visuals, Beyoncé stuns the crowd at the Edinburgh show of the Renaissance Tour.

Beyonce Tour Visual in Edinburgh. Photo credit: Lauren Jefferson

Pink cowboy hats and a sea of silver and sequins can only mean one thing: Beyoncé had arrived at Edinburgh Murrayfield Stadium for her coveted Renaissance tour!

Fans were highly anticipating what show Beyoncé was about to put on in the Scottish city after numerous videos of the tour in Cardiff, Brussels, and Stockholm were posted to TikTok and Twitter. These included robotics, multiple outfit changes, and stunning visuals.

Needless to say, those videos did not do Beyoncé justice in how amazing the show was. Even in the rain, mother was mothering – to put it simply.

The show had no supporting act. It was three hours of pure Beyoncé and split into six acts: Opening Act, Renaissance, Motherboard, Opulence, Anoited, Mind Control, and Encore. Queen Bey kept the Beyhive fed.

The crowd were full of Energy to see this once-in-a-lifetime moment. They had traveled far and wide to see this cultural moment happen in our presence. They all were dressed in true Renaissance fashion, inspired by the album or Beyoncés outfits in the show itself.

Beyoncé’s Fashion

Fans of Beyoncé – or the Beyhive as we know them – were eagerly waiting to see what Beyoncé was going to wear for her Renaissance Tour. Considering that the star recently collaborated with French fashion house Balmain, fans were wondering if each of the looks on her tour was going to coincide with the collection.

However, Beyoncé herself had multiple looks that she turned for her fans. Each look was custom-made and consisted of shimmering catsuits and metallic bodysuits. Several designers, including Alexander McQueen, Loewe, David Koma, Balmain, and Coperni, designed the iconic looks.

For Edinburgh, Beyoncé showcased a new look for her opening act. She donned a David Koma sparkly mini dress paired with matching silver thigh-high boots, which complimented her silver eyeliner.

Noteworthy Moments of The Show

Not only did Beyoncé mesmerize the crowd herself, but the visuals that she had to introduce the different acts and outfit changes were truly something. The visuals made reference to queer culture, intergalactic imagery, and, of course, the iconic simulated newscast KNTY 4 NEWS. They comprised highly anticipated album visuals combined with new visuals for the tour.

Fans have been desperately waiting for these visuals, with Parkwood Entertainment stating they are “scheduled for a later date.” There have been many speculations as to what will entail in these visuals.

Visual Interlude of Beyoncé’s Energy. Video: Lauren Jefferson

However, during the interlude for Formation, Beyoncé refers to and addresses the calls for the visuals. This is done with Kevin Jz Prodigy, the voice of the Renaissance Tour, saying, “You’ve asked for the visuals. You’ve called for the queen, but a queen moves at her own pace bitch. She decides when she wants to give you a fucking taste, so get your fork and your spoons if you got one.” So, I guess the Beyhive have to do more waiting to finally get what they’ve been asking.

Other notable moments lie in the level of stage production Beyoncé had. Robot arms are showcased in the COZY set. There were tanks, horses (which Beyoncé herself rode on), disco balls – she even flew around the stage!

Robots used during the set of COZY. Video: Lauren Jefferson

Celebrating Queer Culture

The legendary ballroom commentator Kevin Jz Prodigy is the voice of the Renaissance Tour. You may recognize this iconic voice on Beyoncés Pure/Honey off her Renaissance album. Beyoncé pays homage to the ballroom culture – an underground subculture born in New York City for Black, Latino, and LGBTQ+ in the late ’80s – throughout, however specifically through the ending set, a mini ball starring the talented Honey Balenciaga from the House of Balenciaga.

The Renaissance Tour celebrates everyone from the gender-neutral bathrooms, queer imagery and displaying the progressive pride flag within the set. The set and her album are a love letter to the queer community.

Overall, Beyoncé’s tour is an absolute must-see. It’s KNTY, it’s camp, it’s everything! If you can get the opportunity to go see it, absolutely take it up. You will not regret it.

Click here for updates and tickets on where you can see the Renaissance Tour in a city near you.

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