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7 Music Artists Discovered on TikTok, Following Removal of UMG’s Catalog

The bright side of TikTok’s music catalog massive change is that user’s now have a chance to discover new music artists on a global scale.

Spotify, Quinnie

Discovering new artists has never been easier on TikTok. Now that Universal Music Group (UMG) has pulled artists like Taylor Swift, Drake, and Billie Eilish, smaller artists’ voices can be heard.


Credit: Spotify, Honestav

Initially gaining traction on TikTok with his skits, Honestav shocked fans by releasing his soul-stirring ballad, “I’d Rather Overdose.”

Born out of raw emotion and personal experience, “I’d Rather Overdose” has propelled Honestav into the spotlight, gaining over 4 million streams on Spotify since its release in January 2024. Delving into his struggles with his father’s addiction, the song resonates deeply with listeners, sparking a trend of sharing similar stories of loved ones battling addiction.

Subsequently, this track marks a turning point in Honestav‘s career, positioning him as a promising musician to watch in 2024 and beyond. He may not be a part of Universal Music Group, but he’s carving out his path to success with unparalleled talent and determination.


Credit: Spotify, Boydrive

With a modest following of just under 600 followers on TikTok, BOYDRIVE stands out as another hidden gem in the indie music landscape. This dynamic duo comprises Jake Ferguson & Josiah Kent, a guitarist and a bassist who both lend their voices to their unique sound.

Furthermore, one standout track, “Better Together,” encapsulates the essence of BOYDRIVE’S sound. With its indie rock vibes and accompanying video, the song transports listeners to a realm where raw emotion meets infectious melodies, evoking a sense of camaraderie and connection. Therefore, this band is a testament to the untapped talent waiting to be discovered.

BOYDRIVE has that authentic indie rock/pop vibe of two friends making music in their garage. With homemade music videos to the bedroom indie production, it sounds both nostalgic and modern.


Credit: Spotify, Austin George

Austin George is an indie pop and rap artist from Dallas, Texas. He got his first hit on TikTok but has been creating music for much longer than that. According to Avex’s website, a prominent Japanese entertainment company known for its involvement in music production and talent management, Austin has been making music since 10th grade and started selling beats throughout his high school experience.

His hit “Yesterday” released on February 16, 2024, brought him virality on the app. It has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify. The track showcases him as a promising talent in the indie pop space. With simple yet relatable lyrics, you’ll simultaneously be dancing and getting in your feels.


Credit: Spotify, Quinnie

Qunnie is an American indie rock musician from New Jersey. She gained notoriety with her breakout hit, “Touch Tank”. The song was trending on TikTok and was applauded for the way it describes intimacy gently and sweetly, which is hard to do, but she does it perfectly.

Additionally, the song went viral on TikTok, sparking a wholesome trend of people sharing their appreciation for their significant others.

Despite Universal Music Group’s removal of many prominent artists, Quinnie emerges with undeniable potential.


Credit: Spotify, Spilly Cave

Spilly Cave is an alternative/indie jazz band that is overflowing with potential. He creates genuine music that is described on Bandcamp as “made from the soul and about as authentic as you can get in the musical landscape these days.”

Originating from rural Pennsylvania, he honed his musical talents in NYC before returning home to Harrisburg, where he self-produced his debut album in 2019. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, his focus on music paid off with viral success on TikTok and millions of streams for his record.

Additionally, his virality can be accredited to his fun and playful videos such as making a jazzy cover of Mario Kart music. It is evident he has fun while making the music, and you can’t help but dance and smile along with him. This artist serves as evidence that Universal Music Group hasn’t removed all the talent worth listening to!


Credit: Spotify, Dev Lemons

Dev Lemons has been making waves on TikTok since 2020 with her original, unique pop-electronic music. Garnering over a million followers on the platform in that same year, she quickly rose to prominence.

Additionally, her YouTube channel boasts a dedicated following, where she offers insightful commentary on topics ranging from concert etiquette to pop culture within the music industry. Lemons stands out not only for her engaging commentary but also for her distinct musical style. Her music defies convention, featuring thoughtful lyrics, innovative production, and captivating music videos that showcase her creativity. With a penchant for pushing boundaries, Dev Lemons continues to captivate audiences with her refreshing approach to music and content creation


Credit: Spotify, Harmony Woods

Harmony Woods, a prominent figure in the Philadelphia DIY scene, is an emo/alternative band fronted by lead vocalist Sofia Verbilla. Although she has less than a thousand followers on TikTok, her music is overflowing with potential. The music is characterized by raw emotion, angst, and powerful instrumentation featuring heavy guitars and drums.

Through their latest album, “Graceful Rage,” Harmony Woods showcases a fearless approach to addressing issues like gender inequality, emotional turmoil, and the quest for self-empowerment. With each song, they invite listeners into an introspective journey, navigating the complexities of human emotion with raw honesty and unwavering authenticity. Harmony Woods’ music resonates not only for its musical prowess but also for its unapologetic vulnerability, offering a beacon of solidarity for those grappling with similar experiences.

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