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10 Songs To Help You Get Over a Situationship

Here are 10 examples of great songs to help you get over any kind of ‘situationship’ heartache.

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What is the best way to get over – an almost, but not quite- relationship? Binging songs that get you in your feelings of course!

The dating pool for Gen Z is abysmal at best, and while trying to navigate it we often find ourselves stuck in ‘situationships’. In these someone almost always ‘catches feelings‘ while the other doesn’t. Or worse, they are told that they are not liked enough to date. What does that even mean?

There are many different types of ‘Situationships’. You have friends to lovers (not dating though), strangers that become a part of your life, the long-ish rebound, to name a few.

So here are 10 songs to help you get over your- almost?- ex.

1. Affection – BETWEEN FRIENDS

Have you ever looked for love in the wrong place? Whether it’s wrong because they don’t feel the same or they’re just bad for you, this song is perfect.

BETWEEN FRIENDS was formed by siblings, Brandon and Savannah Hudson, who were quarterfinalists on America Got Talent.

Their song ‘Affection’ explores themes about wanting what we can’t have. The desire for someone to show you true affection and how hard that is to find in the wrong places.

This song is perfect if you’ve been trying to delusion your way into thinking they like you (delulu is not always the solulu).

2. We Can’t be Friends (wait for your love) – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande made her long-anticipated return to the music scene with her album ‘eternal sunshine’.

The album was influenced by a soul-crushing, heart-breaking love story. So, of course that is how it leaves its listeners feeling!

The lyrics can be interpreted in different ways, in fact Grande herself said, that this is precisely what she loves about the song.

“It can be whoever you want it to be about,” Grande told Amazon Music.

This song will make you have to face the fact that your ‘situationship’ will never become a relationship, whilst still validating your feelings. It allows us to not feel as guilty for still “wait(ing) for (their) love.”

3. FRI(END)S – V

“Friends don’t say words that make friends feel like more than just friends.”

A very fitting line when it comes to more than friends but less than lovers.

This type of ‘situationship’ is very similar to a one-sided relationship, where you are being led on by the words and actions of a ‘friend’. It messes with your emotions and sometimes leaves you feeling great because they just might like you back. Yet, most of the time, it leaves you staring at your LED projector illuminated, bedroom ceiling (very Gen Z).

‘Fri(end)s’ will really hit you if you are in this situation. V’s melodic voice will punch you hard in your feels.

4. Even If It Hurts – Tei Shi feat. Blood Orange

Another kind of ‘situationship’ is when neither of you knows what the other person wants.

You have entered this ambiguous relationship and no one is willing to take the first step to clarify what is happening. Communication and Honesty would fix this, but it is way too scary to open up.

‘Even If It Hurts’ encapsulates that and more, with the two artists smooth vocals wrapping these messages up with an R&B bow, you might gather enough courage to be the one to bring some clarity. Fingers crossed!

5. I Hate U – SZA

Can’t live with them but can’t live without them? It’s probably one of the hardest things to walk away from.

I Hate U’, perfectly embodies this sentiment. Especially if this is in the context of a situationship that is draining you.

You still miss them but can’t seem to break it off? Play SZA and let her do the talking.


Feeling a little self-destructive after a situationship? Jealous is the perfect song for you.

Its blend of angst and haunting vocals, perfectly portrays what feeling insecure and jealous in a relationship feels like.

As you dive deeper into the song it reveals the feeling of not being special enough for the person you’re with- a common theme in ‘situationships’.

However, this song hits particularly hard right after the end of a ‘situationship’. It will help guide you through all the self-doubt and confusion that drowns you immediately after rejection.

7. Good Girls (Don’t Get Used) – Beach Bunny

In contrast to the previous song, ‘Good Girls’ by Beach Bunny highlights the importance of staying strong and being true to yourself. It is very much focused on the topic of ‘love bombing’ and ‘ghosting’.

The plot of ‘Good Girls’ is essentially letting go of this person delivering empty promises. It acts as a reminder that good girls won’t be taken advantage of.

8. You Need Me Now? – Girl in Red & Sabrina Carpenter

You’re not goof enough for a relationship, but they still keep coming back? This dynamic is EXHAUSTING! They are acting as if they are in a relationship with you but they will not commit, scrambling your head in the process.

Girl in Red’s new song with Sabrina Carpenter is the catharsis song I didn’t know I needed.

“I’m tired of waiting around letting you let me down,” is my mantra for 2024 and after listening to this song, it will be yours too.

9. Ur so Pretty – Wasia Project

Wasia Project is a sibling duo that I have recently come across.

They have many heavenly-sounding songs but I ‘Ur so Pretty’ is perfect to self indulge in a bit of healthy nostalgia.

Although it is a love song, it is so soothing and comforting that I had to add it to this list.

The song explores the fear of losing the person you’re in a relationship with. The lyrics describe this person as beautiful and this positive reminiscence may be a good way of healing your heart.

Let’s just say, sometimes it feels nice to not be too bitter.

10. The Other Woman – Lana Del Rey

There is no song more fitting and iconic for this list than ‘The Other Woman’ by Lana Del Rey.

The ‘Other Woman‘ symbolises the unrealistic, unattainable beauty and perfection standards that we keep trying to meet in today’s society.

The ‘Other Woman’ is supposed to be living a glamorous life but in truth, she is very lonely. Hence, this song perfectly captures that overwhelming feeling of being lonely, whilst also allowing us to come to terms with being alone.

Girl sitting by an open window gazing out with her head away from the camera. Getting over a situationship.
Credit: Unsplash/Kinga Howard

There are too many great songs that one can binge-listen to after a ‘situationship’.

Some notable mentions also include: Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Get Him Back!’. ‘Meet Me In The Woods’ by Lord Huron, K.’ by Cigarettes After Sex, and ‘SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK by Joji.

Although ‘situationships’ are becoming more and more common, it is important to put yourself first and sometimes, this just includes crying your heart out in your bedroom and listening to a couple of these.

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