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Here’s Everything That May Inspire Ariana Grande’s Album ‘Eternal Sunshine’

Everything behind those co-ordinates featuring in the yes, and? music video and more information on eternal sunshine.

Ariana Grande in ‘yes, and’. Credit: Republic Records.

Ariana Grande has announced that her seventh album ‘eternal sunshine’ is releasing on March 8th.

This news follows after Ariana took a two-year break from music to join the cast of the upcoming live-action remake of Wicked (2024).

The single for the album was released on 12th January after Ariana posted a hint towards new music around the new year on Instagram. Alongside snaps of her in the studio she captioned the post “See you next year.”

Fans had been speculating about the album’s title after these co-ordinates were added into the ‘yes, and?’ music video.

Co-ordinates in the ‘yes, and?’ music video. Credit: Republic Records.

The co-ordinates placed to Montauk which is where the movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004) was filmed. The album name takes inspiration from the film, and here’s why Ariana may have chosen to do so.

The film features Jim Carrey – Ariana’s favourite actor whom she has frequently spoken about in interviews. It’s no surprise that the film will mean a lot to her and inspire her creative vision.

The film’s concept also may inspire the film. It’s a deep message that focuses on the idea of doomed repetition. The plot’s concept follows the character Joel (Jim Carrey) having a procedure to remove the painful memories of his ex-girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet). This message forms the idea of how fate and emotions have a significant impact on shaping us as individuals.

This could relate to the name of the film being picked for a deeper reason.

Mac Miller, Ariana’s ex-boyfriend who passed in 2018, often mentioned how much he loved the film.

Mac said in an interview with Complex in 2013 “Whenever I’m talking to a girl, I always tell them to watch Eternal Sunshine. It cuts deep.”

Ariana has frequently paid her respects to Mac throughout her work and in many ways in this single. This was also achieved by using lyrics from his song Jet Fuel in yes, and?.

This has left fans wondering if the album will be a tribute to her late boyfriend and whether the plot extends to the heartache these memories have caused her.

‘yes, and?’ has debuted at number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 making it Ariana’s 8th number-one single in the US.

Ariana Grande at Billboard’s 13th Annual Women in Music Gala – Shutterstock/ Lev Ravin

Recent Scandal

The song could also reference her current love-life that has also attracted attention in recent months online. The album may also further reference this.

Grande accordingly split with her husband Dalton Gomez in January 2023, following their turbulent two-year marriage.

Rumours then circulated in July that Ariana was seeing her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater.

The two have been wrapped up in a scandal due to Slater allegedly leaving his wife Lilly Jay and newborn son to pursue a relationship with Ariana.

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater – Shutterstock/ ETcanada

Neither have directly commented on the story but the lyrics of ‘yes, and?’ seem to address some of the rumours:

‘I’m so done with caring, what you think, no, I won’t hide

Underneath your own projections or change my most authentic life.’

These lyrics seem to address her controversial relationship, additionally, Grande and Slater have been seen more publically since the song’s release. On the 23rd January, the two were seen flying together to New York after other rumours suggested they had now moved in together.

The other line: ‘Why do you care so much who’s °°°° I ride?’ relates directly to all the reporting around her love-life.

More on Eternal Sunshine

This album thematically differs from Ariana’s previous work, the red lipstick, blonde hair and golden tones signify a very new era. Differing from the purple hues of the album’s positions and thank u, next but perhaps re-approaching the themes of sweetener.

The alternative cover art release that Grande posted to Instagram also keeps the ponytail theme running strong. The image of her leaning on herself suggests the album may be based around healing and suggests being an emotional album with running themes of self-discovery and self-love.

Aside from this, Ariana has also taken inspiration from one of her other idols Madonna. The single yes, and? takes strong inspiration from Madonna’s Vogue and also pays homage to her work through stylistic details in the song’s music video. The video also takes inspiration from Paula Abdul’s Cold Hearted (1988).

The lead single has set up some strong imagery and influences that the album is sure to follow on from.

This will also be Grande’s first album release since parting ways with previous long-time manager Scooter Braun. During her break from music, she has now reportedly signed with Brandon Creed and his management at Good World Management.

This management change may be reflected in the album as this is her first release since positions in 2021. The album may follow a mention of what happened with Scooter Braun which I’m sure will excite the Swifties after the longstanding feud around Braun and Taylor Swift’s masters.

She has also been very open about how cathartic filming Wicked has been for her. The influences of moving back to her theatre roots, filming and living away in London may influence this latest album.

Wicked is set to be released to cinemas on 27 November.

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