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Tony Hawk’s Upcoming ‘Pro Skater 1 + 2’ Remaster Boasts Soundtracks Both Classic and New

Tony Hawk’s upcoming video game features an onslaught of jams from the early aughts and today!

Tony Hawk’s video game franchise helped put skateboarding on the map. Sure, skate culture existed since the 1980’s, and a handful of Playstation games prior to 1999’s Pro Skater featured skateboards. But it wasn’t until Tony Hawk’s series took off that animated 180 degree kickflips and indy nosebones became a common sight on living room TVs. There was an explosion in skateboarding over the late 90’s thanks in no small part to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and the musical trends emerging at the time. Skate punk, hard rock and hip hop were all featured heavily in the Tony Hawk’s games, and with the coming of a 2020 HD remaster of the original two entries in the series, we’re seeing solid tracks old and new returning to the ring.

The original Pro Skater games only featured between a dozen and twenty songs a piece whereas later installments like Tony Hawk’s Underground (THUG for short) and American Wasteland boasted over fifty tracks. The first THUG game holds the record to date with 78 songs. As a huge Tony Hawk and THUG fan, I’m stoked to see so many musical artists – all of them layered in 90’s and early aughts nostalgia – returning to the current generation. The increase in soundtrack size is a welcome change considering just how many bands and rappers have been featured over the course of the series and deserve a replay in 2020. 

Returning classics like Dead Kennedys, Suicidal Tendencies, Goldfinger and Anthrax have been a staple of the series since day one. Rage Against the Machine, Dub Pistols and Fu Manchu entered the line up in the second Pro Skater. Still others like Sublime got their start in later entries like THUG 1 and 2. Meanwhile, Machine Gun Kelly is brand new to the series; MGK’s recent release “Bloody Valentine” is set to be included in the remaster.

With a whole slew of artists getting revealed as the game’s September release draws nearer, we’re excited to see how smoothly the soundtrack rolls with the gameplay. The Hawk needs a new generation, even if it means dislocating a few fingers along the way.

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