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Smash Bros Rumour Leaked: New Game Set For 2018

Will Nintendo make our dreams come true?

Image: Nintendo

A rumour has been leaked by industry insider Emily Rogers: a new Smash Bros title will be announced and released this year for Nintendo Switch.

‘I can only confirm two things:

  1. A Smash Bros title will be announced and released for Switch later this year.
  2. They added brand new content and re-worked some of the existing Wii U/3DS content.’

Emily Rogers has a history of being right with rumours in the past. The word is she’s probably right again.

This doesn’t mean her word has the weight of Nintendo behind it. She has dropped the ball before, saying Breath of the Wild was going to miss Switch’s launch. It didn’t. She said Mario Odyssey would take its place. And it came out 7 months later.

This time Emily Rogers’ rumour is backed-up though. A Smash Bros Easter egg can be found hidden in Bayonetta 2. It mentions an ‘all-stars fight club.’ As far as we know, Nintendo only has one of those.

Bayonetta Smash Easter Egg 1 out of 1 image gallery
Image via YouTuber: GameXplain

If there is a new Smash Bros title to be launched, what will it be like? Emily wrote she cannot confirm yet:

‘Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to speculate whether Smash Bros will be branded/marketed as a “deluxe definitive edition port”, a “half-sequel” or a “full sequel.”’

Source Gaming had leaked an earlier rumour (in the dark ages of Dec 2016) that the new smash bros game would be a ‘director’s cut’ – a mash-up between the Wii U and 3DS games, plus a little more.

“The game will feature some new content including 2 new characters. We haven’t been able to confirm WHAT characters. We’ve heard that this version will include all the DLC.” — Source Gaming

2 new characters doesn’t sound like much. Source Gaming suspected there might be more. The question is: who? 10 years ago Sonic came onto the scene in Brawl. Maybe Dr Robotnik/Eggman could make an appearance?

Sonic and Mario Brawl
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch has had a great first year of games.  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild changed the playing field with its release, drawing envious glances from Playstation/Xbox fans. Then Super Mario Odyssey scored 10/10 on IGN. Reviewer Ryan Mccaffrey said, “I literally applauded at the end credits.”

What awaits us for Smash Bros? Will Nintendo simply remaster content from previous Smash Bros games? Or will they create a new masterpiece alongside Odyssey and Zelda? Emily Rogers, we await your report.

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