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“Guts and Glory” Offers A Ludicrous Video Game Experience

No guts, no glory.

Image via: 'Guts and Glory,' DualShockers

If the hilariously-bad Logan Paul game piqued your interest in bad video games, I think I have something for you:

“Guts and Glory” is, per its description on Steam, a “game about father and son riding their bicycle through obstacle courses of death, and other fun family experiences.”

And “obstacle courses of death” is no understatement: you (and your in-game son) must avoid landmines, arrows, chainsaws, various spikes, and other deadly traps as you attempt to maneuver your bicycle through the town and countryside.

Of course, the mechanics of the game are rather difficult, which means you’ll likely meet a grisly end at least once or twice. Still, for the squeamish, the animations and graphics are so poor that you’ll sooner laugh than cry when you get blown apart or impaled (I know that sounds weird, but just trust me).

For some actual game-play, check out Youtuber TheRealGMat as he tries out the game. Even if you don’t see yourself playing “Guts and Glory” any time soon, his reactions are entertaining on their own:

For another sub-par gaming experience, take a look at Dan Bilzerian’s video game, which, according to our staff, is a “stinking pile of shit.”

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