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Everything You Need to Know About Street Fighter 6

An overview of the new characters and mechanics in the upcoming Street Fighter 6.

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Prepare for Battle in Street Fighter 6! The classic Capcom fighting game series is making a grand return with an all-new entry. With the new game releasing in June, what should players know to prepare themselves?

The Roster

Street Fighter 6 is set to release with eighteen characters at launch, which is a step up from Street Fighter 5’s disappointing sixteen. Twelve of the characters are from Street Fighter’s past, with the majority of the original World Warriors from Street Fighter 2 returning. Juri returns from Street Fighter 4, and Luke returns from Street Fighter 5, now taking over as the “main character.” The remaining six characters are brand new though they have ties with other characters in the universe. This shift to a new cast is akin to the shift done in Street Fighter 3, though not to as severe of a degree.

The first season of DLC has also been announced. This season will release four characters until the Summer of 2024. The first wave will include one new character and three returning characters. The new fighter’s name is A.K.I. The returning characters are Rashid and Ed from Street Fighter 5 and Akuma from Street Fighter 2.

The base roster of Street Fighter 6. Image Credit: Capcom

The Mechanics

Street Fighter 6 comes with a slew of new mechanics. Gone is the V-Trigger system from Street Fighter 5. In its place is the new Drive system. This new mechanic is a mix of mechanics from the series’ past, combining the powerful Focus Attacks from Street Fighter 4 and the stylish Parry from Street Fighter 3. However, these moves come at a cost, as shown by the new Drive Meter. The Drive meter shows how many times you can perform a Drive Parry or a Drive Impact before needing to recharge.

Ryu using the Drive Parry against Chun-Li. Image Credit: Capcom

Also in the Drive System is the new Drive Rush mechanic, which allows the player to execute much faster. In a more technical sense, for those who understand fighting game mechanics more thoroughly, the Drive Rush reduces the ending frames on your attacks and can even make some moves, plus on the block. The Drive Reversal is another stylish move that acts as a counterattack if timed correctly. Don’t use the Drive moves frivolously, or you will enter the Burn-Out State. If all of the Drive meters are used, the player will enter a Burn Out state where they will move slower and be unable to use Drive moves, or EX moves until the Drive Meter is replenished.

The Story Mode

Street Fighter 6 comes with a new story mode called the World Tour mode. This mode includes a series first: character creation! The world tour mode will allow players to create their own custom fighters with a customization system akin to the character creator in Capcom’s Monster Hunter: Rise. This mode follows the player-created character wandering around the open world, facing off with opponents and learning moves from the Street Fighter cast.

The World tour mode will include several open worlds to explore. Currently, only three have officially been revealed, Italy, France, and Metro City. Though the official website implies, there will be more areas to explore where the player can meet and learn from the Masters.

Alternate Modes

Street Fighter 6 includes a slew of additional modes for players to enjoy alongside the traditional Vs. Mode is the online Battle Hub, allowing players to battle and interact online. The Battle Hub will include spots for players to have 1-on-1 matches and battles with the custom characters. The battle hub will also host tournaments and contain cabinets of classic Capcom fighting games.

One new addition is the Extreme Battles. Extreme Battles are matches with, as the name suggests, extreme rules and hazards. One ruleset requires players to complete certain tasks mid-match, such as specific attacks or actions. Other hazards include Tesla coils, charging bulls, or the Met enemies from Mega Man who will interrupt your battle.

A charging bull sends Ken flying in Extreme Battle. Image Credit: Capcom

Release Date, Available Platforms, and Beta

Street Fighter 6 is set to release on June 2nd, 2023. It will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and the Xbox Series X. Currently, players on the listed platforms can enjoy a demo of Street Fighter 6. This demo includes two characters, Ryu and Luke, and access to the World Tour mode, though players cannot save their progress in the demo. Coming on May 19th is an open beta on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Steam. Players will have to register for access to the beta to play. This beta will include eight characters and will be open until May 21st.

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