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WWE Hall of Famer ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham Passes Away at 79

WWE Reports: “Superstar” Billy Graham, Wrestling Hall of Famer, Passes Away at 79.

Billy Graham, WWE
Image Source: Billy Graham Fan Page @ Facebook

Oh, it’s with a heavy heart that I share the news, my friend. The legendary pro wrestler known as “Superstar” Billy Graham has left us. World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE, has confirmed the loss of this larger-than-life icon.

Can you believe it? He was so close to reaching his 80th birthday, but alas, fate had other plans. Eldridge Wayne Coleman, or as we knew him, Billy Graham, was born on June 7, 1943, right there in Phoenix.

Let me tell you, Billy Graham’s impact on the world of wrestling was something else. With his flashy fashion sense, those over-the-top interviews, and that chiseled body of a bodybuilder, he became the epitome of what a true superstar should be. WWE acknowledges his influence, stating that he was the driving force behind Superstars like Hulk Hogan, Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura, and Scott Steiner.

One moment that stands out is when Graham achieved his greatest WWE triumph. It was back in April 1977 when he snatched the WWE championship from the hands of the wrestling legend himself, Bruno Sammartino. Can you imagine that? He held onto that title for nearly a whole year, my friend.

In recognition of his incredible contributions to the wrestling world, Graham was rightfully inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004. It was a well-deserved honor for a man who dedicated his life to the sport.

Now, after retiring in 1987 at the age of 44, Billy Graham embarked on a new journey. He became a manager and later a color commentator, lending his expertise and vibrant personality to the world of wrestling from a different angle.

Recently, his wife took to his Facebook page to share a heartfelt update. She revealed that he was in the hospital, hooked up to life support, and the doctors wanted to let go. But she, a woman of unwavering strength and faith, refused. She firmly believed that his fighting spirit would prevail, even if his body was failing. Truly, God is our hope in times like these.

Billy Graham battled health issues for months, as mentioned on a GoFundMe page. He underwent a significant weight loss, shedding a staggering 80 pounds by April 26. It breaks our hearts to know that he endured struggles with his kidneys, heart, and lungs.

This wasn’t the first time he faced health challenges, my friend. In his autobiography, Graham candidly shared his history of battling drug abuse, which eventually led to a life-saving liver transplant in 2002. A true testament to the resilience and determination that burned within him.

Today, we mourn the loss of “Superstar” Billy Graham, a wrestling legend who captivated our hearts and inspired generations. Let us remember him for his charisma, his larger-than-life presence, and the impact he made on the world of professional wrestling. Rest in peace, dear Billy Graham. Your legacy will live on forever.

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