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‘VPR’: Sandoval Reacts Raquel Confessing She Kissed a Man the Day Before Their Affair

In a jaw-dropping moment on the latest episode of VPR, Tom Sandoval was left speechless when Raquel confessed to a surprising pre-affair makeout session.

Sandoval and Raquel
Sandoval and Raquel. DFree/Shutterstock/Michael Mattes

Newly released footage from Vanderpump Rules sheds light on Raquel Leviss’ involvement in a complicated love triangle with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. In the sneak peek of the Secrets Revealed special, Leviss opens up about a girls’ trip to Las Vegas, where she found herself caught between her costar Lala Kent and Oliver Saunders, an employee of Lisa Vanderpump.

Leviss recalls the dinner at Vanderpump Paris where Kent expressed interest in Saunders, and to Leviss’ surprise, she gave her the green light to pursue him. Leviss and Saunders ended up making out on the dance floor, much to Sandoval’s discomfort as he sat next to Madix.

However, Leviss’s night took an unexpected turn when Kent expressed disapproval of her actions, stating that she wouldn’t feel comfortable having Leviss around her man. Leviss responded by pointing out that Kent didn’t have a man of her own. Little did Madix know at the time that a more significant betrayal was unfolding behind the scenes.

As viewers now know, Sandoval and Leviss were carrying on a secret relationship, unbeknownst to Madix. The affair eventually came to light, leading to Madix and Sandoval’s split after nine years together. A source revealed that the affair was the final straw for Madix, who had been dealing with relationship problems for some time.

Both Leviss and Sandoval have since apologized for their roles in the scandal. At the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Leviss expressed regret and shame over her behavior, acknowledging the pain she caused to those closest to her. She admitted that the way the situation was handled was a mistake and that she never considered the consequences of her actions in the heat of the moment.

Following the reunion, Leviss stated her intention to focus on her well-being moving forward. She has since entered a program in Arizona, a decision she had been considering for some time. Leviss’s journey through this scandal and her commitment to personal growth and reflection serve as a reminder of the complexities and consequences of actions in relationships.

In the aftermath of the Vanderpump Rules reunion and her decision to focus on her well-being, Raquel Leviss has been reflecting on her actions and the impact they had on her friendships. She expressed deep remorse for betraying those closest to her and acknowledged the detrimental consequences that unfolded as a result.

Leviss’s apology during the reunion shed light on her feelings of shame and embarrassment for keeping the secret of her affair with Sandoval. She recognized the pain she caused and the damage done to the trust within their circle. Leviss admitted that she had been living in the moment without fully considering the repercussions of her actions.

Following the reunion, Leviss took a proactive step by entering a program in Arizona, a decision that had been on her mind for some time. This move reflects her commitment to self-improvement and personal growth. By seeking professional help, she hopes to address the underlying issues that contributed to her actions and rebuild her life in a healthier way.

As the Vanderpump Rules cast moves forward, it remains to be seen how Leviss’s journey of redemption will unfold. Her willingness to confront her mistakes, take responsibility, and actively work on herself indicates a sincere desire for change. Time will tell if she can repair the friendships that were damaged and regain the trust of her fellow cast members.

The Secrets Revealed special and the subsequent reunion allowed Leviss to publicly address her role in the scandal, offering some closure for herself and those affected by the situation. Moving forward, Leviss will need to demonstrate her growth and commitment to making amends, proving that she has learned from her mistakes and can be trusted again.

As fans of Vanderpump Rules continue to follow the cast’s journey, they will witness the ongoing consequences and personal transformations resulting from this tumultuous chapter. Leviss’s story serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges that can arise in relationships, emphasizing the importance of honesty, accountability, and personal growth in the face of adversity.

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