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Ariana Madix Shares Shocking Details About Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ Affair in Bombshell Interview

‘They had sex in my guest room while I was asleep.’

Ariana Madix, a former star of Vanderpump Rules, recently made shocking revelations about her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval’s affair with co-star Raquel Leviss during an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast. Madix, who had been in a nine-year relationship with Sandoval, opened up about the affair and shared some distressing details.

Madix disclosed that Sandoval and Leviss had engaged in sexual activities in her guest room while she was sleeping in her own bed. According to Madix, she and Sandoval had gone to bed together, but he then left to be with Leviss in the guest room. The betrayal and infidelity undoubtedly caused immense pain and hurt for Madix.

During the podcast, the topic of Leviss possibly being pregnant and other allegations of Sandoval’s infidelity were also discussed. The podcast host mentioned rumors of a potentially shocking revelation at the reunion episode of the show, with some fans speculating it could be a pregnancy announcement from Leviss. However, Madix expressed uncertainty about the details and stated that she had spoken to the show’s producers but wasn’t entirely sure.

Madix further revealed that their sex life had its ups and downs, describing how it “waxed and waned” at different points. She explained that in the beginning of their relationship, she struggled due to the previous relationship’s criticism of her body and personality. Madix expressed a desire for quality time and emotional connection, feeling at times that Sandoval was not genuinely interested in her.

Madix also shared that Sandoval would complain about the frequency of their sexual encounters, leaving her to wonder if he desired sex with her specifically or if it was merely about the act itself. When asked if there was a night when Sandoval had been intimate with both Leviss and her, Madix admitted that she did not have that information.

The affair between Sandoval and Leviss occurred during a challenging time for Madix, as she was grieving the loss of her grandmother. Madix acknowledged that Sandoval had denied the claims that the affair happened during that period but expressed her distrust in his statements.

These revelations have shed light on the difficulties and heartbreak Madix experienced during her relationship with Sandoval. The podcast interview allowed her to share her side of the story and address the rumors surrounding the affair and other aspects of their relationship.

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