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Unraveling the Mystery: Dwana Pusser’s Cause of Death

Buford Pusser & Dwana Pusser
Credit: Youtube/ Fascinating Graveyard

Dwana Pusser was the daughter of former McNairy County Sheriff Buford Pusser. Born in 1961 in Illinois, Dwana grew up under the legacy of her heroic Father who passed away when she was sixteen years old. Dwana went on to marry Jamie Garrison and have two daughters. 

Due to her Father’s legacy within the field of law enforcement, Dwana maintained an interest and passion in advocating for the profession.

Credit: Youtube/ Dennis Boyd

Dwana Pusser featured with Law Enforcement Officer

 According to a friend “Because of that legacy he’d left, law enforcement was something that was really important to her,” Mullis said. “She travelled all over, talking with law enforcement agencies, talking about her father.

The Life of Buford Pusser

Sheriff to a small town McNairy County, Tennessee, Buford Pusser became known for his dedication to law and order. As the youngest Sheriff in Tennessee history, Budford busted two prominent gangs ‘Dixie Mafia’ and the ‘State Line Mob’. Buford became a local hero surviving three shootings and  seven assasinations.

Disaster hit when Buford’s wife Pauline was killed, his wife was a casualty in a premeditated attack that was supposed to take Buford’s life.

This grief and anger set Buford on a path of revenge, exposing his assassins and cracking down on crime to ensure justice for his wife

Walking Tall: The Movie on Buford Pusser

Walking Tall was a 1973 action thriller movie centering on Buford Pusser. Thrusting the Tenessee town into the Hollywood limelight, the movie reflects the impact Pusser had on the town, with some praising him as a brave cop, others complaining about his violent nature. The film captures the mystery and ambiguity that Buford Pusser left on the town. Buford Pusser became an overnight celebrity upon the film’s release, he would die the year after, in a mysterious car crash.

The Death of Dwana Pusser

There is little information on the life and cause of death of Dwana Pusser. Passing away at age 57 left the community shocked.

The public has not been informed of the cause of death, but online reports are circulating about a self-inflicted gunshot suggesting suicide.

A friend quoted detailing her experience of Dwana

“Dwana was a feisty person that cared a lot for her father and his legacy and law enforcement and her family,” Mullis said. “She loved being from here, and after her father died — and her mother had already been killed before that — the town of Adamsville raised her, and she never forgot that.”

Mysterious Deaths in the Pusser Family

Buford Pusser, his wife and his daughter have died in mysterious or unconfirmed circumstances.

Public figures or celebrities often face conspiracy theories and rumors upon their death, but the peculiar circumstances surrounding the family’s demise have generated widespread questioning and intrigue.

Pauline Pusser

Pauline was shot on August 12th 1967, on the way to a reported disturbance with her husband. A fast car approached them, opening fire at Buford but ultimately killing Pauline. Pusser spent the remainder of his career vowing to bring his wife’s killers to justice but failed to secure a conviction

Buford Pusser

The legendary Buford Pusser had a suspicious cause of death. On August 21st 1974, he had signed a movie deal to play himself in the sequel of Walking Tall. Hours later, he would die in a car accident.

Amidst the assassin’s attempts at the time, rumors circulated about the sabotage to the vehicle’s mechanics, leading to suspicions about his death.

Questions still remain surrounding the death of Dwana Pusser. With a small-knit community reeling from the unanswered questions of a legendary family.

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