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Travis Scott Deactivates Instagram Account Following A Halloween Post

Travis Scott might not have been feeling like the highest in the room after he posted a Batman picture to his Instagram–something that was quick to garner quick remarks.

CR: RodeoTheAlbum (Twitter)

Though Halloween excursions are strongly limited by the COVID-19 pandemic, such does not limit anyone’s creative liberties in regards to costumes. Travis Scott decided to take the cake when it came to that, but fans were quick to quip that it was really a dry crumb cake.

In a photo he posted to Instagram, he dressed in Batman attire–comprised of a long, heavy cloak atop an armored skin-tight top and pants with a belt. Instead of the classic black clothes that allowed Batman to resemble a bat and also embody the covert, night-like nature of the iconic figure, he opted for a more cappuccino brown. 

It contrasts with his more laid back style of denim jackets, slightly baggy cargo pants, flannel jackets, and some jewelry around his neck or wrists. But the aura is the same as both sides still exude his nonchalance and clean-cut style.

In the photo, he poses near two sleek cars and stands in a wide stance set with an imposing, stoic expression on his face and his hands atop each other. Both of the car’s headlights are on, which might have added to the spotlight flair for him. 

Unfortunately for the “Astroworld” figure, that expression was not enough for many fans as the outfit did not relay well to many people who saw it. 

One of the top comments on Twitter regarding his choice of outfit stated that “he built more like the Flea.” Some even said that he resembled a cockroach instead of Batman–a more problematic comment. According to Lindsay Garcia of  “Environment and Society Portal,” there are racist implications for the latter term as cockroaches came as stowaways on slave ships from Africa and have continued to infest the homes of African Americans who lived in dismaying housing conditions due to direct and institutional racism.

Others continued to be quick to add videos and comments that Scott was sincerely upset by the reactions and thus deleted or deactivated his Instagram–the latter happening just a couple days after the incident.

On November 8th, his Instagram was still a blank page but a few days later, Scott returned. According to Marianne Garvey of CNN, his representative told the news network that he was simply taking a break from social media and the cause of it was not the Halloween costume backlash.

Indeed, many are quick to correlate two things, but this link does not imply causation. 

Scott is a name in the game and such is not going to change anytime soon. On his Twitter page, the 29-year-old hip hop star showed his generosity when he announced in early October that he would be taking care of five students’ tuition for the first semester of school. 

He’s been a part of the widely popular McDonald’s Travis Scott meal just recently–an indication of how crucial branding and celebrity collaborations can be. And just a few weeks back, Scott joined the PlayStation family as a partner to introduce the PlayStation 5. 

Scott may have not been feeling like the highest in the room for a bit, but the pedestal is still his. 

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