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The Echoes Star Matt Bomer’s Relationship Status, Is Matt Bomer married?

Matt Bomer, Matt Bomer marital status
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The psychological thrillers can get intense, and based on the first look of the new Netflix series, Echoes, it seems like the viewers are in for a mind-bending ride.

The new show is currently streaming on Netflix. It has a total of seven episodes. Echoes introduce us to two identical twin sisters, Leni and Gina. Leni and Gina share a dangerous secret, and they have swapped their lives since childhood, without anyone knowing.

This continued as they became adults. They share two homes, two husbands, and a child. However, this “perfectly choreographed” world starts to fall apart when one of the sisters goes missing.

The cast of Echoes includes-

Matt Bomer as Jack Beck (one of the sister’s husbands).
Michelle Monaghan as the twin sisters,
Daniel Sunjata as Charlie Davenport,
Karen Robinson as Sheriff Floss,
Jonathan Tucker as Dylan James, and
Ali Stroker as Claudia.

Bomer’s character’s marriage is undoubtedly problematic. However, Bomer’s actual relationship status is not that complex.

Bomer is married to Simon Hall, and she is a publicist. The two got married in 2011; however, their marriage wasn’t publicly announced until 2014. Together, they share three children through surrogacy. The couple has three children.
Kit Halls was born in 2005, and Walker and Henry Halls were born in 2008. They are twins.

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