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Snoop Dogg Weighs in on Cardi B’s “WAP,” Urges for Intmacy While Celebrating Her Self Expression

After all this time, Snoop gives his thoughts…

Central Ave, Youtube

Since the debut of the song, WAP has gained a ton of attention. On one hand, some find the song to be great and wildly uplifting to women. On the other… people have had made extensive criticism of the song, claiming it’s “too vulgar”(despite the rap industry has thrived on the male sexualization of women’s bodies for decades). 

Now, months after the release of the song, Snoop Dogg has been interviewed on his thoughts on the song, and a few other subjects. In this video segment titled, “Dogg Fatherly Advice the renowned rapper suggests that the song, “WAP,” may negatively influence today’s young women and lead them to place less value on their, “jewel of the Nile,” and disregarding intimacy. 

He acknowledges his role in creating this trend of sexualization in the rap industry and claims that he would even have been on the remix had this song been released in his younger years. Instead, he claims that today, in his older wisdom, he sees things differently, opting for more intimate scenes rather than the boldness displayed in Cardi B’s, ‘WAP.’ 

Altogether, in this Interview, Snoop displays support for the song and the self-expression portrayed by it. He appears to be speaking as a man who is now a well-intentioned father. As most of his response came from the effects he thought may affect the youth.

If you spend your free time the same Snoop Dogg appears too then you’d be interested in this article covering the likelihood of the US decriminalizing marijuana as a country, written by, Caitlin Ramirez-Bell.

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