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Piers Morgan Takes Aim At The Baldwins For Posting Halloween Picks Just Days After Hutchins’ Death

Baldwin’s move was “insensitive”, said Morgan.

Photograph: Digitas Photos / Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Piers Morgan has criticized the “appallingly insensitive” social media post that Alec Baldwin’s wife posted on Instagram last week. The photos, posted by Hilaria Baldwin, show the couple with their six children all dressed in their Halloween costumes.

The photos were accompanied by a message in which Hilaria acknowledged her husband’s fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his upcoming film, ‘Rust’, just a few days prior to Halloween.

“Parenting through this has been an intense experience, to say the least,” she wrote. “Today, we rallied to give them a holiday. Last min costumes…a little hodge-podge…but they were so happy and that warmed my mama heart. Happy Halloween, from the Baldwinitos. They give us [heart emoji]. We send you [heart emoji pumpkin emoji].”

Though this was only one of the many people on social media to post Halloween pictures and messages, the Baldwins stirred up controversy because they are still involved in the police investigation into Hutchins’ death and the alleged unsafe practices on set that led up to it.

Some praised the parents for providing some normalcy for their children at what must be an incredibly stressful time.

“Stay strong,” commented actor and professional chef David Burtka.

“Lord!!! I cannot even imagine the chaos! But you two are doing a good job. Giving them a great childhood,” wrote ‘Will & Grace’ star Leslie Jordan.

Others, however, believed the decision to broadcast their festivities was insensitive given the close proximity to the loss of Hutchins’ life, and the fact that her nine-year-old son, Andros, would be facing his first Halloween without his mother.

“The Baldwin kids should absolutely enjoy Halloween. This year, though, #hilariabaldwin should have kept their festivities (and herself) off social media. Halyna’s son didn’t get to enjoy this holiday. Celebrate without posting, Hillary. It’s literally the least you could do,” wrote Chavela Lorca.

Sandra Lee said, “That’s nice that Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin can wear costumes, smile, and celebrate Halloween. You know who is having a very sad Halloween? Andros Hutchins, the son of the woman Alec killed. Alec certainly does not look like he is suffering from PTSD.”

“What is wrong with #AlecBaldwin???” wrote Karen Salkin. “He had some nerve to put on a #costume and take pictures of his family for #Halloween. How does he not have the sensitivity to realize that the son of the woman he just killed would be having the worst day of his life?! Disgusting.”

The photos appeared online just hours after the investigation revealed there had been three accidental gun discharges on the set of ‘Rust’ the week before Hutchins was shot.

Morgan posted his comment to mixed reactions, linking a Daily Mail US article that covers the story and investigation. Morgan himself wrote an article for the paper on October 25, in which he questioned Baldwin not making absolutely sure the gun was cold and why he decided to point it directly at one of his colleagues. “This was an accident waiting to happen,” Morgan said.

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