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Internet Gleefully Roasts Mark Zuckerberg for Full Face of Sunscreen

Zuckerberg sports a different kind of mask during the pandemic.

NY Post via The Mega Agency

Mark Zuckerberg has a reputation for being very uncool.

There’s that whole selling personal data for ads thing. Oh, and he refused, until recently, to moderate hate speech and misinformation on Facebook, which may have caused irreparable damage (read: Trump got elected).  And then, aside from these heavier issues, he’s just kind of… you know, a dork. So when some photos were snapped of him wearing a full face of sunscreen while surfing, the internet was very there for it.

He got roasted, hard.

To be fair to Mark, he appears to be wearing sunscreen made from zinc or titanium oxide. This type of sunscreen is non-toxic to the coral reef, as opposed to typical chemical-based sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate. In fact, Hawaii recently passed a law banning sunscreens containing those two chemicals. It doesn’t go into effect until next year, but good for Mark for taking it upon himself to be environmentally friendly, right? He can’t help it if it makes him look RIDICULOUS. 

I won’t try to make any witty comparisons, as Twitter has provided a billion, and they’re just great. Please to enjoy:

I think this next one is my favorite…

OK, this one is even better actually…

Zuckerberg may not be cool, but he is apparently fascinating enough to warrant the creation of an association dedicated to reviewing and analyzing photos of the billionaire.

The California Review of Images and Mark Zuckerberg’s founder, Tim Hwang, told Motherboard about the latest pic, “This image is what we refer to in the field of Zuckerberg Studies as a ‘rare Zuck’: a scene on one hand depicting a regular dude making sure he doesn’t get sunburn, and on the other hand capturing something far stranger and darker: the sunken eyes, the mask-like visage, the expensive next-gen electric surfboard.”

That’s right, a rare Zuck. 

Lucky for Zuckerberg, if the internet roasting becomes too much to bear, he can always escape through his secret tunnel.

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