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Eric Trump Receives Backlash From Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda for Exploiting Clip of Her Late Dad

With the US Presidential Elections just three months away, the President’s son takes to Twitter to recontextualise Robin William’s comedy.

Credit: gonintendo_flickr/Flickr

The late comedian’s daughter retaliated against US President Donald Trump’s son, Eric, after he shared a clip of Williams’ 2012 standup routine on Twitter. 

Captioned, “ROBIN WILLIAMS JUST SAVAGES JOE BIDEN,” Williams jokes about the then-vice president’s capabilities. Now the Democratic presidential candidate set to run against President Trump, Williams’ comedic clip has a different meaning. 

Credit: Twitter/Eric Trump

Eric Trump’s tweet was just five days away from the anniversary of the actor’s death, and Zelda was quick to tweet back.
Credit: Twitter/Zelda Williams

Zelda’s poignant’s urge for the living to vote is a reminder that the US Presidential Elections are about three months away. 

Amidst the political tension and Zelda’s comment to Eric Trump, unsurprisingly, more footage has come up of Williams’ standup. In this new clip, he says: “Donald Trump is the Wizard of Oz. He plays Monopoly with real f***ing buildings. This is a scary man.” 

He adds: “And he owns all these beauty pageants – Miss America, Miss Universe. Isn’t that a lot like Michael Vick owning a series of pet stores? It’s a f***ing catch-and-release program for him!”

He then goes on to reference the infamous moment where Trump confessed that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter, he’d probably be dating her. 

The feud broke out around the same time a new documentary on Williams’ final days, released a trailer. Robin’s Wish will include interviews with close friends, family, and colleagues to provide an in-depth look into his state of mind before his tragic death.  

It will also shed more light on Williams’ condition, Lewy Body Dementia, which had been affecting his life without his knowledge. Click here to read more about the upcoming documentary. 

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