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Doja Cat Weight Loss: Before and After

Although Doja Cat unveiled her weight loss in 2021, news of recent plastic surgery has made it go viral once more- all the details here.

doja cat weight loss
Featured Image: From left to right, Credit: TikTok/ @biloveu7, Credit: TikTok/ @mtdcorpoperfeito, Credit: TikTok/ @skyblu857

Doja Cat’s been busy this year: from her single “Paint The Town Red” going viral to the backlash against “Demons” to the release of her controversial new album “Scarlet.” But it’s not always been easy.

Back in 2021, she was unwittingly pushed into the public eye due to her weight loss. Videos exploded across the internet, comparing her body from before and after:

So, how did she lose weight?

Doja Cat Before And After

Doja Cat started her weight loss journey in 2019 and went from 140 pounds to 120 by 2021. Fans began to notice and started to express their alarm at the unexplained change.

This especially shocked long-time fans of the singer, who recalled the confidence she used to have in her curvy body. Old clips have resurfaced of her before weight loss:

How Did She Do It? Meal, Diet and Exercise Plan

When the issue started to go viral, Doja shared how she lost weight.

Firstly, she started doing cardio twice a day- in the morning and evening- such as cycling, running and dancing. She then included weight lifting sessions, ideal for building muscle and therefore toning your body. Under the guidance of a strict gym instructor, she very quickly lost weight.

But exercise isn’t everything: she also had to fix her diet. By eating spinach, eggs and seaweed as snacks, she prioritized nutritionally dense foods. She also regularly eats chicken and salmon for protein, as well as crispy seaweed, to curb her cravings for chips. She also ate plenty of fruits and veggies and, by and large, ate whole, nutritious and natural foods.

What About Surgery?

Despite this, the singer has also opened up about having breast reduction and liposuction surgeries earlier this year. While many fans appreciated her honesty, some felt it hypocritical, given her emphasis on eating healthy and exercising over the last couple of years.

It also angered people because she was a good example of a more curvy celebrity. By undertaking surgery and changing her natural body, she has removed one of the few curvy role models young girls can look up to and implied through surgery that growing up curvy is something to be fixed.

Doja Cat’s Weight Loss At The End of The Day

Our obsession with other peoples’ bodies is almost frightening. Even now, old videos of Doja Cat are resurfacing with comments such as “she looks so healthy” and “she looks so pretty and healthy” compared to now.

Maybe we need to have a re-think about our position to judge public figures’ bodies. Whatever her body looks like, I can’t wait to see where Doja Cat goes next following her new era of music this year.

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