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Chris Pratt is Trending Again On Twitter As The Worst Chris With #RIPChrisPratt

Twitter is bringing Pratt back

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

In a not so distant galaxy, not so long ago (wait is that Star Wars?), Chris Pratt was trending on Twitter as the worst Chris amongst, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Chris Pine, which then lead to his abrupt cancelling.Β 

Image Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson / Wikimedia Commons

The cancellation came at a time where it was unearthed that Chris (Prattatouille), occupied his time with hunting, possibly cheating on his wife Anna Faris. maybe being a republican and supporter of Donald Trump and perhaps attending a church that denounces homosexuality. Twitter upsurged in comments yet again not to further anything but rather just slate Chris Pratt again.

Credit: Daisymomma3 / Twitter
Credit: lily_VanUp / Twitter

Many of these claims were unfounded or conspired with loose allegations and next to no evidence, within the court of social media, nonetheless many of his castmates came to his rescue as character witnesses to his identity last year when these claims were made. However, upon new promotional activity for the upcoming ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ film, Pratt has been pictured reassuming his role as Starlord, and Twitter is not happy, again.

But by Twitter I actually mean mostly stan accounts, fan pages and anyone willing to just throw a meme or gif into the stoked fire of twitter whenever something is trending again. If you thought he was dead, do not worry, he, and toxic fanpages, are very much alive.

Basically, it has come to light that Peter Quill, best known as Starlord, is in fact bisexual in the comic books after entering into a polyamorous relationship with two humanoid beings, a female named Aradia and a male named Mors ( Come on throuple! Save that rent). This is in contrast with the allegations from Elliot Page who claimed that Chris Pratt attends an Anti-LGBTQIA+ church.

Elliot responded to a tweet, that stated Pratt was to discuss his “spiritual side” on a talk show, the reply said, “but his church is infamously anti-LGBTQ so maybe address that too?” Here is a video discussing this further:

Video Credit: ET Canada / Youtube

These claims were denied by Chris who stated: “I go to a church that opens their doors to absolutely everyone.” Previously reported by the BBC, Pratt said:

β€œIt has recently been suggested that I belong to a church which hates a certain group of people and is infamously anti-LGBTQ. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Almost a year later the hashtag has resurfaced but not founded on any new information, or developments in the matter, but it is believed to be just fan accounts revitalising the battle of the Chrises? Christi? Chrisses? But it does raise an important question of what it means to be affiliated with a church who does not support the rights of queer people, and the lack of representation within the MCU.

Just to reiterate, Chris Pratt has not disclosed that he was a republican nor a Trump supporter, the church he belongs to have made claims back in 2015 that they do not support the gay lifestyle nor promote this although they are open to all? Which seems contradictory and just a support to the ideologies of Thatcherism and her employment of Section 28 which prevented the promotion and therefore the discussion of queer individuals.

With the rise in Film and TV representing LGBTQIA+ stories such as “It’s a Sin”, a series depicting the stories fo a group of friends within the Aids crisis in 80s London, available to stream on All4, there is a rise in these stories which can be used as educational tools to progress, move forward, and do better. Read more about LGBTQ+ news as Biden begins repairing bonds with the queer community by clicking this little doo-dah.

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