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Are Humble Celebs A Thing Of The Past Or The Future?

Humility is a super attractive trait.

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When we think of celebrities, we don’t exactly picture someone who resembles a member of the general public, but some stars are choosing to put the glitz and glamour behind them.

Maria Carey, Beyoncé, Gemma Collins… these divas might just be the epitome of the star-studded sparkles and sequins we see on the red carpet, showing extravagant outfits and expensive lifestyles to match. It seems as though now, however, these boastful displays are getting old and all people want to see is something relatable. Enter the humble celeb.

The likes of Lewis Capaldi and Pete Davidson seem to have stayed grounded amongst their increasing success levels and it’s fair to say that people love them for it. Wearing a full tracksuit to a big press event might seem unconventional to say the least, but rather than wearing big-name brands, these two rebellious celebs are using their own brand to make a statement. They’re some of the most iconic individuals in the industry at the moment, with their humility making them stand out from the oversaturated gaudiness of the rest of the famous faces we see.

There’s no doubt that being launched into fame and being instantaneously recognizable can easily go to your head and consume every inch of a star’s life – that’s probably one of the main reasons why celebrities today lose touch with their pre-fame identity. Luckily for Lewis, his sense of humor and overt use of sarcasm makes him come across as your average boy-next-door if that boy had global success and several number-one singles.

There can be a healthy blend of embracing fame and fortune whilst also remaining true to yourself. Take Jennifer Lopez, for example; Jenny from the block is arguably one of the most glamorous celebrities out there, but she’s never strayed too far from her early life in the Bronx. She proves that you really can have it all. The same goes for Cardi B, a straight-talking rapper who makes that her main selling point, which definitely works in her favor. 

I think it’s quite obvious now that we’re bored of seeing fake lives being portrayed. Sure, everyone loves seeing the dream lifestyle every now and again, but leave that for the red-carpet premieres, and post genuine content online. Like caught-off-guard-bad-paparazzi-photo content. Maybe take a leaf out of Lewis Capaldi’s social media book! His uploads are all as goofy as you’d expect, but his 5.5million Instagram followers seem to love it.

Regardless of if you love them or hate them, humble celebs were here before the introduction of widespread media, but now it seems that they’re making their rightful return to the spotlight. 

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