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Why Young People Are Obsessed with Emma Chamberlain’s Podcast ‘Anything Goes ‘

Emma Chamberlain played a large role in the popularity of podcasts among young people.

Why Young People Are Obsessed with Emma Chamberlain’s Podcast 'Anything Goes '
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Chamberlain draws Gen-Z to her podcast through her blunt honesty, inherent charm, and desire for human connection.

In a time when content from almost every genre oversaturates the podcast industry, it is pertinent for people in that sphere to create material that distinguishes them from others. Emma Chamberlain, a 21-year-old YouTube star, cracked this equation early on. She was able to siphon the social currency she garnered through her “relatable” online persona and wield her inherent knack for rambling to successfully produce a podcast called Anything Goes.

Chamberlain creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a FaceTime call with a friend through her minimally edited episodes recorded from her bed as she sips an iced coffee. In each episode, Chamberlain discusses in great detail whatever is most pertinent in cultural discourse or her own life. She offers vulnerability, candidness, and connection that people around her age crave, ensuring her (mostly Gen-Z) audience tunes in each week.

She understands her demographic and connects with them because she is part of it

In one episode, “The rules we learned as kids are…BS?” Chamberlain endearingly explains how to deprogram what her generation learned as children. 

She encourages deviation from normalcy, appealing to the slight radicalism of many of her listeners. In the episode, she attempts to destigmatize gossip. She rewrites it as “a way to release anger and frustration” in a “safe environment” rather than a divisive communication medium. Chamberlain also informs listeners that contrary to society’s proclamation, we do not always need to agree with adults, befriend everyone, or follow a strict life path.  

Podcasts led by older adults can sometimes feel patronizing when they attempt to discuss younger people. However, Chamberlain never speaks down to her audience. Instead, she treats them as equals, graciously offering her perspective of the world and the life lessons her experiences taught her. When she speaks, she does so from such an earnest standpoint. From her humility, she evokes an element of community through her podcast. Whether or not she cares about them, Chamberlain makes listeners feel visible, influential, and a little less alone.

“I’m here for you…I’m dealing with the same thing. We’re gonna get through this together, and we got this,” said Chamberlain in an episode about seasonal depression.

She wants her podcast to be an open channel of communication

In an episode titled “I changed my mind,” Chamberlain sifts through her old opinions that listeners disagreed with. These topics included whether self-employment is more excellent than a nine-to-five and the natural tendencies of female friendships. 

While many in Chamberlain’s position might be sensitive to hearing criticism about their ideas, Chamberlain’s response is the antithesis of hostility. She encourages constructive criticism and is genuinely excited to hear feedback. Chamberlain is acutely aware that she has the microphone, and, unlike many of her peers, she wants the conversation to be open. 

“I am so grateful for. the learning… that’s come from making episodes. People tell me what they think, and then me getting to hear a new perspective,” she said in the episode. 

She admits that she doesn’t know everything

In the episode “I changed my mind,” Chamberlain takes a wise and mature outlook by admitting she can be wrong sometimes. Instead of perceiving it as tragic or sinful, she describes it as an opportunity for growth and elevating herself and her platform.

“It is such an important part of being a human because…you can have meaningful conversations that help you to further develop those thoughts, ideas and opinions,” she said in the episode. “That’s a sign of growing. That’s a sign of becoming a better you.”

Listening to Chamberlain’s podcast is an introspective journey and a lighthearted experience where she refuses to take herself too seriously. She will pivot from talking about her mental health tribulations in one episode to her obsession with granny panties in the next with no hesitation or embarrassment.

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