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How Images Are Used To Document Diversity Through Skin Color

Artist Angélica Dass uses diverse Skincolor and photos to document beauty that comes from our differences.

Credit: TED/YouTube

Photographer Angélica Dass has always been surrounded by many different nationalities through her diverse family dynamic.

Although her experience with a vast array of skin colors was accepted in her family once she started school, She noticed something very different about the world around her.

Dass explained her experience with school as a positive one, but remembers her first art class really confused her. She explained through a Ted talk that her art class confused her because when they were discussing colors and talked about skin tone, there was only one color option which was a peach tone crayon.

This confusion Stuck with Dass through her life and stuck her interest in art. Through this peaked interest, she wanted to create awareness of diversity within every community.

To create this idea, Dass decided to use photography and photo shop to take photos of different individuals and match their skin color exactly. This skin color would then be photo shopped and created into a background for their picture.

The set of picture she created can be seen online and can be found publically around major cities like New York. Dass’ project has created an open dialogue about how our differences make us all unique and beautiful.

If this article caught your interest, here are others that show our individuality is what makes the world beautiful.

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