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No Trousers Tube Ride: Why Are People Stripping Off?

Make sure to wear your best underwear.

CREDIT: Shutterstock/Morax photography, sematadesign

Expect to see some unusual sights in London this Sunday as people walk around the capital in their pants – yes, really.

20 years since the American tradition started, the No Trousers Tube Ride returns to the UK on Sunday 8th January 2023. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It sees a group of brave individuals take off their jeans, shorts, chinos or any two-legged piece of clothing to sit in their underwear on the Underground. 

Organized by The Stiff Upper Lip Society, the wacky event is in the name of good fun and confusing the clueless folks around you. With only two rules to abide by, it’s an easy task for guaranteed lifelong memories. Just keep your trousers off and a straight face and you’re officially involved!

The London Underground is home to lots of super features and is certainly a British staple, but this really takes the biscuit. This year’s innocent afternoon of trouser-less enjoyment is also even more special, marking the first trip on the Elizabeth Line following its unveiling in 2022. 

The crazy day started in America, being named the No Pants Tube Ride, so be sure to remember your pants (underwear) if you’re partaking in England, as hopping on the underground completely nude is likely to cause even more of a scene than this already wild concept. 

The afternoon kicks off at 3pm in Chinatown, with all participants being encouraged to wear a full set of clothes to the meeting point before being advised on when to take their bottoms off. If you thought the mere concept of being half-naked was odd, imagine a tube full of people just casually taking off their trousers in sync. Truly bonkers.

If you think you can hack wearing fewer clothes than you would on a warming holiday to Bali (even though you’re going to be in a cool London climate) get involved in this whimsical day trip that is certainly out of the ordinary.

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