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Topshop Just Released A ‘Stranger Things’ Mini-Collection

Just released this last weekend.

This past Friday was the release of Topshop’s Stranger Things mini-collection which will be sold online and in select stores including their main shop in London.

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The moderately priced collection (£20 – £30) includes essentials like short and long-sleeve shirts, hats, backpacks, and lunchboxes. Topshop in Oxford Circus is even letting its customers teleport to Hawkins, Indiana to experience the upside down and other show locations in their feature display:

If you want to go for the whole Topshop x Stanger Things experience, know that the London Topshop store in Oxford Circus will be converted into a Stranger Things portal, where you can visit key locations such as the Upside Down, Hawkin’s Lab, Will Byer’s den and the Arcade… Topshop will also be organizing a draw with tickets giving access to a back to back binge-watch of the entire season two.

If any great show needed a dope mini-collection, it was the 80’s-inspired thriller instant cult classic that is Stranger Things. They even have retro style tin lunchboxes which I have a feeling a will be coveted by more adults than children. Check out the whole collection here.

Season two of Stranger Things will be streaming on Netflix right before Halloween on October 27th.

And if for some strange reason you haven’t seen the season 2 trailer, click here

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