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The Top Accessory for 2023: The It Bag

As 2022 comes to an end, we wonder what will be the top accessory in fashion and culture as a whole. In the past, we’ve had mustache tattoos (ugh), dip-dyed hair with kool-aid, over-the-top nail art, and many other outrageous or mundane add-ons to our accepted dress in society. Y2K aesthetics will take over 2023.

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As 2022 comes to an end, we wonder what will be the top accessory in fashion and culture as a whole. In the past, we’ve had mustache tattoos (ugh), dip-dyed hair with kool-aid, over-the-top nail art, and many other outrageous or mundane add-ons to our accepted dress in society. 

Of course, it is predicted that we see a 2000’s takeover in regard to fashion; low-rise jeans, statement belts, and trucker hats. Thus, 2023 will be the year of the handbag. In the aughts we saw a slew of celebrities finish their outfits with cute handbags; Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and so on. Celebrities paired with Juicy Couture, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and other brands we still see dominating the industry today. 

Paris Hilton, 2006. An icon for plugging the best shoulder handbag and clutches in her photos. Image by s_buckley/Shutterstock.

What Bag Will Take Charge?

Will it be a similar taste to the 2000s in which we saw gaudy oversized work bags? Tiny clutches that can only hold a lip gloss? Purses that also work as a backpack? Or will we see a more minimalist aesthetic that serves as a nod to the 1990s with brands like Calvin Klein?

And of course, we know Luxury brands are at a high point price range. Also, with our presence on social media, it is important to look at small businesses and what they have created in the industry.  Crochet had become more prominent in fashion, as well as sustainability is important to companies and consumers. Below will be some affordable yet trendy handbags to perfect your look for the new year.  

Gossip Girl had the chicest accessories on set. Photo by Everett Collection/ Shutterstock.

Juicy Couture which dominated the industry in the early 2000s, along with Baby Phat, are currently trying to make a comeback. We are seeing a revamp of the Juicy Couture company, with tracksuits, as well as bags, being more modernized for 2023. Baby Phat has partnered with Forever 21 in recent months as well.

Cute satchel bag for resale on Etsy.

For a more Olsen vibe, head over to Etsy to look for the 2000s “vintage” (if it can even be called that yet!) like this large satchel bag above. Brown leather was a huge hit in prior years, however, in the year of sustainability, we will see purses made from vegan leather, either mango or even avocado-sourced leather.

Quick Guide to the 2023 Spring Collection

YouTuber gives her take on the hottest bags for Spring 2023. Notice the repetition of leather and the size of the handbags.

In 2023 we will use our phones every day- along with headphones, Nintendo switches. Everyone is constantly on the go and the only way to carry all our items is with a purse or bag. College students also utilize bags as an important way to get to class and be prepared.

As Gen Z is getting older, with that comes a little extra money to spend on nonessentials. brands are taking note of this and creating price points for this age group. Coach has been a luxury brand for years, but has recently lowered its average price point to cater to the younger generation, but also excite millennials and so forth.

Coach is known for their sleek Demi handbags as well as card holders for mid-price points. Photo by Syam Fireshark/ Shutterstock.

Men will also be able to see a rise in bags like this satchel at Macy’s. As more androgynous values rise through social media and fashion, we will see the men’s bag industry grow with more choices and styles, similar to women’s.

All in all, handbags will take over 2023 and will be necessary to complete a look for all genders and all ages. Whether you are a student, a part-time worker, or someone who works 9-5, a bag is necessary to carry your necessities. Look out for luxury brands that have lowered their costs such as Marc Jacobs and Coach, as well as small business owners who either create their own or resell at a lower price.

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