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Robert Wun Stuns Audience in Fall 2024 Haute Couture

A look at some of the most fabulous looks from Robert Wun’s Haute Couture show “Time”.

Model walking down runway
Credit: YouTube/FF Channel Robert Wun | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2024/2025

Following on the heels of Paris Fashion Week, Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week just passed and was held from June 24th to the 27th. Among the designers was Robert Wun, who left his audience captivated by his show. The title of his dazzling show was “Time.” Here are some of the best from his show!

Robert Wun’s Newest Collection

Robert Wun once again left his viewers starstruck by his amazing display during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. While one of the newer artists on the scene, Wun has already made an enormous name for himself. Wun has dressed a variety of artists such as Adele and Lady Gaga, while also having helped dress Effie Trinket, played by Elisabeth Banks, in The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2.

This year, his show was titled “Time.” Wun displayed a variety of construction and head accessories in his looks, while also using a gorgeous display of colors. The show embodied the meaning of haute couture.

As each piece walked through, Wun displayed the sense of passing time to the audience. When people think of time, they may envision a clock. However, Wun did anything but and delved deeper by showing the turning of seasons and the breakdown of the levels of a human—from skin to soul.

A Couture Version of the Seasons

One way in which Wun captured time was through the use of seasons. Seasons are a time of change in the world. Not only does the weather change; but people often take it as a sign of personal change as well.

To open the show, there was a stunning display of dresses. The dresses walked into a dark room, with only the lights above them to show off the look, and a show of snow falling behind them. The first two dresses encapsulating the dark coldness of winter are composed of black and white. The first dress had a draped hood that covers her face. As the next model walked, they carried an umbrella that also shielded the face from the audience.

Fall made its way down the runaway soon after. The dress had a variety of colors, blending reds, oranges, and a fabric that looks similar to a golden foil. The dress hugged the model’s body with long sleeves and total coverage to the floor. Of course, this would not be a Robert Wun piece without a head accessory, so atop the model’s head was a collection of gold and red leaves to match.

Succeeding the autumn dress came a fabulous spring. The dress was form-fitting, with again full coverage of the model up to the collar. With the dress was a small umbrella that was decorated with cherry blossoms. These cherry blossoms were also featured on the top half of the dress over a deep purple. The skirt of the dress was velvety black.

A black and white dress shown on a runway.
A black and white dress with a matching umbrella.
A dress of orange and gold.
A dress made of cherry blossoms with a purple undertone and black. A matching umbrella too.
Credit: YouTube/FF Channel Robert Wun | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2024-2025

The Beauty of Color

The show also displayed a beautiful color. Some of the most stunning looks of the night involved a singular color, but the combined shades made a stunning outfit.

One of the most iconic looks of the night was an emerald green, constructed out of a satin fabric. The dress was fitted to the model’s body and the sleeves covered the model’s hands. Pairing Wun’s love for hats with a lovely shoulder piece, the dress clearly stood out.

Who doesn’t love pink? When Wun’s hot pink dress hit the runway, it lit up in the light. The piece came with a wide-brimmed hat and a short train. What truly caught the eye was the front piece on the model’s chest. The piece stuck out from the model, providing exactly what the dress needed to hit couture.

Another of Robert Wun’s breathtaking looks was the blue look. The hat featured another rounded disk shape, placed at a slightly downward angle. The outfit itself mimiced a satin blue coat top, but the look was a floor-length dress. Wun’s ability to take one color and create such a stunning piece truly shows his range of talent, even among all his other creative pieces.

An emerald green dress and hat on a runway.
A hot pink dress on a runway.
A satin blue dress on a runway.
Credit: YouTube/FF Channel Robert Wun | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2024-2025

Capturing The Levels of Human

To finish off the show, Wun brought out four final looks, which walked in the order of skin, blood, bone, and soul.

To capture the idea of skin, Wun seemed to take inspiration from the previous year’s theme, horror. For this piece’s head accessory, Wun captured a blank face, with a light tone. Right where the lips would be, the piece became soft, loose fabric. As for the actual outfit, Wun used draping with crinkled fabric in a blend of skin tan and brown shades.

While representing the blood within us, Wun opted for a deep red fabric. The dress reflected the idea of veins flowing all over the body, tightly pushed together. A blood-inspired outfit was rather haunting to viewers, but Wun outdid himself with his next look.

The outfit symbolizing bones was fabulously horrific. With the use of all-black fabric for a base, Wun then employed a clear material to construct the bones. The skeleton build ran down the sleeves but disconnected at the elbow so the forearm and hands hung loose. Wun also constructed ribs to show off the fitted top. To complete the look, he included a faux skull with the same material to go around the model’s head.

To close out the show, Wun ended with the human soul. This piece stole the show and created the perfect ending. The fabric covered the entire model, with a headpiece similar to the show’s first look. All over, the material embodied the galaxy and the vastness of space. The look was extremely elegant, stealing your breath away the more you look at it.

A dress that looks like it is made of human skin.
A dress that looks like it is made of red blood veins.
A black dress with a skeleton face, ribs, and arms.
A dress that looks like it is made of space.
Credit: YouTube/FF Channel Robert Wun | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2024-2025

Portraying the elements of a human is certainly no easy feat. However, Wun pulled it off in a memorable testament to haute couture.

Time is a broad topic. Many have sought to depict the concept of time in an artistic way. Robert Wun is far from the first, and certainly will not be the last. However, Wun’s magnificence truly does make people stop, stare, and think. Wun is a fashion icon to keep your eye on!

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