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Paris Men’s Fashion Week: Spring-Summer ’25

The highly anticipated Paris Fashion Week has just ended and has left us with dazzling displays of creativity and fashion moments to unpack!

Louis Vuitton - Men's Spring-Summer 2025 - Paris Fashion Week
Credit: YouTube/Louis Vuitton Men's Spring-Summer 2025 Show | LOUIS VUITTON

Fashion Week is back in Paris this summer, bringing us the next Spring-Summer fashions for 2025. Earlier this year, Milan hosted Milan Men’s Fashion Week, and the designs were impeccable. Now, it’s time to highlight some of the collections from Paris Men’s Fashion Week SS25 and see what the fashion world is bringing for the start of next year!

The highly anticipated Paris Fashion Week has just ended and has left us with dazzling displays of creativity and fashion moments to unpack! The Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 showroom sessions took place at the Palais de Tokyo from Wednesday, June 19th to Sunday, June 23rd.

The bustling city has been notorious for its exceptional fashion shows since the 1700s, making this one of the most anticipated events of the year for the fashion industry. So, let’s explore some of the most memorable moments from the week!

Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2025

Pharrell Williams is back with another collection as the current Creative Director for Louis Vuitton. While a musical artist is not the first to come to mind when the word “designer” is mentioned, Williams is an exception. This year’s Spring-Summer show was held on the grounds of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The collection itself is an homage to human beings and the diversity of the world. This perfectly encompasses the Olympics, which is being held subsequently in Paris, as humans around the world come together.

The Louis Vuitton show displayed Pharrell Williams’ collection, presenting a visual spectacle of the brand’s innovation and creativity. The looks were organized around different manifestations the brand calls “global dandies.” Accordingly, there was an array of pilots, secret agents, diplomats, and travelers making their way around the world. The collection includes archetypal codes of travel that capture the Maison’s global mentality.

The show, as a reflection of human diversity, includes emblematic motifs that morph into dynamic configurations — adorning iconic bags and accessories. The collection included an array of tailored blazers, high-waisted trousers and sleek trench coats. One of the most significant aspects of the show is the color palette. Starting off with sleek black, the collection slowly starts to include more blues, greens, oranges, and multicolored designs. This references Air-Afrique, which Williams collaborated with for this collection, as patterns created by the airline also begin to appear.

The collection

The tones spread throughout the collection represent the skin tones of humans across the world, demonstrating their creativity and inclusivity as designers. Another influence for the show was the theme of travel, which is seen in the design of the collection and the array of flags present to reflect global diversity. Bags, coats, jackets, and even embossed buttons feature the world map and the collectivity of humans.

Elements seen throughout the show include tailored jackets and bombers that are reminiscent of aviation dresses. The collection also includes tracksuits and workwear, which take a more athletic but sophisticated spin. While football is not the most anticipated game for the Summer Olympics, Williams includes footballs throughout the collection. By doing this, Williams points to the unifying aspect of the game itself.

Louis Vuitton showcased their dedication to craftsmanship with meticulously detailed and innovative designs. Williams created a captivating spectacle with a unique set design and melodious music composition. The audience included celebrities, fashion influencers, and industry insiders. The Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer show will be remembered for its incredible craftsmanship and innovative designs. Overall, the collection set a high standard for the remaining season.

American Sabotage by AWGE SS25 – Paris Men’s Fashion Week

This year’s Paris Fashion Week shows included A$AP Rocky and AWGE’s American Sabotage, a revolutionary brand that intertwines art and activism. American Sabotage is A$AP Rocky’s newest brand under his creative agency AWGE. While civil unrest is no stranger to Paris, A$AP Rocky turns up the heat as he unveils a politically nuanced collection. The rapper-turned-designer showcases his highly anticipated collection, with guests interested to witness the show from one of the top artists of this generation. The show was held under the gilded room of Karl Lagerfeld’s former residence.

The collection consists of 30 crafted looks that aim to address social issues and challenge the conventional definitions of fashion. The footwear featured was provided by PUMA and eyewear from Ray-Ban. The show featured political posters and rap music from his own unreleased tracks. The display for the show was so anticipated that guests lined the streets, waiting to enter for almost an hour.

In an interview with HypeBeast, the artist explains how

“America in itself has a lot of historical values…I’m putting light on my American story, my American horror story, my American story, my American sabotage.” Rocky added, he would often sit on the streets of New York watching people and seeing people of different ethnicities and classes, from rich to poverty driven people. I pull inspirations from all of that…refugees, incarcerations, mass incarcerations. I’ve been subject to all those things. I’m very familiar with all those things and for me this is just me sharing my ghetto expression.”

A$AP Rocky

American Sabotage by AWGE SS25 – the collection

Phrases such as “Political Satire” and “Every US citizen has agreed to be more than happy to be pissed off” were displayed throughout the collection. Moreover, models held signs with the phrase, “Don’t be dumb.” One piece of the collection resembled a bulletproof vest, and some other pieces included motifs of the American bald eagle and flag. Of course, alluding to the Union Jack printed stab-proof vest worn by Stormzy during his headline Glastonbury set in 2019.

New York is another prevalent influence on A$AP Rocky’s collection. A few pieces take inspiration from the New York Police Department uniforms, while other pieces include graphics of NYC’s skyline. This is a nod to Rocky’s idea of ghetto expressionism, as it intertwines with Rocky’s own life and style.

Overall, the collection combines high fashion, activism, and breaking the bounds of socially accepted fashion. Even after the show, the collection made bold statements of activism during the after-party. The event featured an edible ammunition tray featuring guns and signs labeled: “It’s easier to buy a gun than a cake.”

Gucci Spring Summer 2025 Men’s Fashion Show

Sabato De Sarno is back with another collection after becoming Gucci’s latest Creative Director just a year ago. While his first show was memorable, his new show is a complete contrast. The designer declared the collection speaks of encounters – “incontri” in Italian – between the city, the beach, and among people who love life. The collection was presented with the hopes that people would feel free and welcomed in their clothes. It took place in Triennale Milano, a cultural space in the heart of the city.

The collection moves by location as designs for the beach and city move along the runway, making an all-around collection. This year’s color is none other than a muted green, which is a common color for the simple spring and summer glow. The collection includes leather overcoats, net polo shirts with cropped blazers, and double-breasted suits. The show presented Long coats in wool, vibrant and timeless designs, short zip-up jackets and an array of accessories.

The surfer and beach theme was demonstrated through vibrant colors and shorts. Scuba-bottomed shoes walked the pristine white runway, while the prints featured dolphin, palms, and hibiscus leaf patterns. Other prints and patterns include sequined florals, which contrast the rather plain fabrics. The show was a spectacular display of luxurious craftsmanship and unique designs.

Gucci’s Men SS25 collection

Accessories include fluoro patent crossbody bags, neoprene slippers, and simple sunglasses that all play into the surfer theme. A subtle but crucial detail comes from the almond-bit horse-bit shoes that are not your common feet apparel for surfing. However, with such a simple collection, the footwear adds a refined touch, as a few include gleaming gold accents at the very tip.

The brand’s use of luxury materials such as velvet, silk, leather, and fur highlights Gucci’s dedication to quality and its creative use of materials. The music used was composed by Mark Ronson, with additional production and arrangement by Julian Dobson. This show has stunning visuals and sets that successfully showcase the creativity of their designs. Gucci succeeded in combining whimsical flair with bold elegance in its designs and pieces, and the collection set a new standard for luxury fashion.

Prada – Paris Men’s Fashion Week

This year, co-creative directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons brought Prada’s signatures back onto the runway. Prada claims the collection delves into contemporary notions of truth and pretence, encouraging us to question our perceptions. The event was a grand spectacle of innovation, opulence, and unique style.

The set of the show was simplistic, with minimal color and designs. The venue consisted of a simple white runway that led from a house with picketed rails. The house, with light flowing out of the window, sits still as a jazz rendition of Faithless’s Insomnia plays quietly. As the lyrics “I can’t get no sleep” play, models soon begin to exit the house, taking on reality. Although this setting was kept minimalistic, it turned the focus of the audience primarily onto the models and the designs themselves.

This collection is all about persceptions as closeness reflects emotion and the human urge for proximity. Distances shift perceptions as pieces from afar can pretend to be something differe. Details from afar may seem simplistic and naïve, but in reality, its much more than that. The clothes themselves look plain from a distance, but up close one can appreciate the wired details in the collars and the detailing within the hems. Some of the pieces are purposefully creased, aged, and patinated as they represent garments that bear the traces of time. While they may seem like imperfections, they are a sign of living, of reality.

Prada Menswear Spring/Summer 2025

Various pieces represent hand-me-down or clothing items stolen from or given by family. A prominent sihlouette of the collection includes a superhero sweater, along with other items with exaggerated proportions, made deliberately long or cropped. Bernard Buffet paintings appear, printed like a concert t-shirt. Items from different origins are juxtaposed in unanticipated contrasts, but with consideration, a deliberate and careful spontaneity

The event highlighted Prada’s minimalist aesthetics, capturing the attention of the audience. The collection emphasized effortless sophistication whilst incorporating clothing pieces of vibrant color. However, the color palette is dominated by shades of white, beige, navy, and black — all simple and fairly muted colors, which emphasize the perception from a distance that is contrasted by the up-close details.

Although fashion week is now over, the event presented us with some truly unique and stunning designs. With fashion and activism being merged to the celebration of ourselves, these collections will definitely inspire future designers and lead to the next wave of luxe fashion.

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