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Oscars 2023 Fashion: Leg Slits, Sheer Fabric, Mishaps and More

This year’s Oscars showcased upcoming fashion trends, as well as fashion fails for both men and women!

Image: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock.

Last night was the 2023 Oscars. The star-studded champagne-colored carpet was filled with good and bad fashion icons. We saw the beautiful looks by Prada, Versace, and Louis Vuitton.

We also got to see custom-made pieces by Alexander McQueen and Chanel Couture. What looks will be remembered in 10 years, and what will be thrown into the garbage?

Leg Slits

Many dresses that made it to the Oscars had high-leg slits. Nicole Kidman’s Armani dress had a leg slit just under the hip. Cara Delevingne’s dress was also a favorite among viewers. The bold red dress had a leg slit and was made by Elie Saab. While many guests wore cool colors and blacks and whites, Delevingne stood out with her bold red paired with red lipstick and platform red heels.

Leg slits in dresses have been around for years. Many attribute the leg slit to loincloths which date back centuries. This sexier take allures the viewer and captivates them to look at the dress and its’ movement and balance.

Sheer Fabric

Many attendees dawned dresses with sheer accents. Rihanna showed off her bump in a dress by Alaïa. The black number had sheer fabric by the belly and slits by the thighs and hips. Lady Gaga also had sheer accents in her black Versace dress; the sheer front and back exposed her skin. The black dress was paired with bold red lipstick, and Gaga looked stunning.

Creme & White

Both men and women opted for the colors of the white family—creme sleeves like Florence Pugh’s dress or Eva Longoria’s crystal-adorned white dress. Mindy Kaling also wore white and Paul Mescal’s white suit jacket. White can represent purity and cleanliness, and the white attendees dominated the carpet.

Mindy Kaling looks stunning in the above photo, and the dress has white and sheer accents at her ribcage. These are both solid up-and-coming trends for spring 2023.

Mishaps at the Oscars

Although many beautiful looks took center stage at the Oscars, there were a few unappealing outfits from the attendees. Critics took to social media to express their distaste for many faces at the Vanity Affair Oscar Party. For example, as mentioned above, sheer fabric has become a reoccurring component of Oscar looks. Ashley Graham missed the target when she appeared in a sheer red robe-looking dress.

Chinese actress, Fan BingBing’s gown, had way too much going on; the dress appears to wear her! Of course, she is beautiful, yet the dress seems to have too much going on; the crystals from head to toe and the curtains on her arms could have been styled differently (less is more!) The dress seemed more pageant-like than Oscar’s (champagne!) carpet.

Oscars’ 2023 Fashion Looks

All in all, the 2023 Oscars were a success. Much history has been made; Actress Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian actress to win Best Actress. She wore a white gown with sheer fabric around the neckline. The Oscars also paid tribute to iconic actors and actresses who had passed, including Olivia Newton-John and Louise Fletcher.

Rihanna also performed “Lift Me Up” from Black Panther: Wakanda forever. Rihanna is making a remarkable comeback after a years-long hiatus from performing!

This Oscars has shown us some trends reoccurring in spring and summer. The pastels and whites were dominant throughout the night, as well as black dresses which will always be timeless. It is important to note that all attendees were a part of history, best dressed or not!

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