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New ‘Breaking Bad’ Themed Sneakers Let You Cook Meth In Style

Nice shoes, bitch!

Put your barrels of cash to good use by grabbing a pair of limited edition ‘Breaking Bad’ sneakers. K-Swiss have cooked up three different styles based on Walt and Jesse’s adventures in drug dealing. 

As if you didn’t have enough ‘Breaking Bad’ merch lying around, now these sneakers are begging to be added to your collection. The folks at K-Swiss have crafted unique shoes based on periods of the show with names like “Cooking”, “Cleaning” and “Recreational Vehicle”. ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘El Camino’ may be over but it’s never too late to rep your fandom with endless consumerism!

These bad boys have a price tag of $90, so I’ll let you decide if they’re worth the cost or not. Keep in mind they’re part of a limited collection with only 1,000 pairs per shoe, and you can get them on the K-Swiss website.

‘Breaking Bad’ is one of my favorite shows of all time (which is not a very brave statement since it’s everyone’s favorite show of all time). But ever since it ended I’ve been craving more content from Vince Gilligan and the gang. With ‘El Camino’ and another season of ‘Better Call Saul’ coming out recently, it has put me in the right state of mind to waste money on these sneakers.

I’ll admit, I’m exactly the type of guy to wear this kind of stuff in public. I’m a shameless dork. But these sneaks are actually not as embarrassing as most show-themed clothing, especially the RV colored pair. They’ll go great with my Chernobyl radiation socks and Mandalorian cape. So if you’re anything like me these ‘Breaking Bad’ sneakers are definitely worth checking out, unless you’d rather save up for something a bit more exciting like John Wick’s Mustang.

Featured Image via InGroupTeam

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