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Lockdown to Loungewear: How Working From Home Influenced Fashion Trends in 2020

From catwalk to couch…

Credit: YouTube/Elle Darby

This year has been unprecedented, and with COVID sending most of the world into a lockdown, a halt was put on the usual runnings of the fashion industry. Despite major fashion shows and collections being delayed, what did emerge from these unusual times was a demand for loungewear.

Fashion United writes that ‘Trend analyzes from the fall of 2019 and early winter of 2020 already showed an increasing focus on more comfortable clothing for home and work’. However, the arrival of COVID definitely ensured this interest in comfort became not a mere fad, but a trend that would stick around.

While loungewear might make you think of unflattering and boring clothing items, loungewear in 2020 became the new couture. From business start-ups like Angelle Collection or famous retailers like Zara, stores were inundated with unique loungewear items:
Credit: Twitter/ Elle Darby

In October, Zara introduced for the first time a lingerie line, as well as multiple loungewear co-ords in varying colours as well as knitted tops, shorts and cardigans.

The loungewear trend was not limited to more affordable retailers as high-end retailers like Net-A-Porter also saw more interest in leggings, trainers and tracksuit bottoms. According to Harpers Bazaar sales of the latter went up 1,303 per cent at Net-A-Porter compared with this time last year.

Whilst Youtuber Elle Darby began her brand Angelle Collection in 2019, this year proved the perfect time for releasing beautiful loungewear pieces to suit a range of shapes and sizes. If you want a behind the scenes insight to the collection and release check this out:

Credit: Youtube/ Elle Darby

Across social media platforms, especially Tik Tok and Instagram, influencers were running out of content to post due to the national restrictions. However, showing off their new loungewear co-ords in their cosy home set-ups became the new normal and encouraged their followers to purchase these pieces.

Not only did staying and working from home create an increased interest in the loungewear look, but the pandemic also fostered a sense of wellbeing. This encouraged people to invest more time in looking after themselves, and treating oneself to loungewear became a way to do exactly that.

While people will be keen to go out and dress up post-pandemic, it looks like the loungewear look is staying around as people have now realised they can still look stylish while remaining snug.

If you found this interesting check out how the fashion industry is being affected in other ways: ‘Fashion Manufactures Continued Unease About Brexit’.

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