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Kim K Poses for Fake Paparazzi Shots to Promote Kanye’s New Yeezy Line

Check out the promotional images for Kanye West’s new Yeezy line featuring his famous wife.

Asatur Yesayants/Shutterstock

Season 6 of Kanye West’s Yeezy collection has just been announced and who better than his own wife to promote the brand?

Throughout her career, Kim Kardashian has used her name and fame to promote many brands including Skechers and Quick Trim but now she has teamed up with her own husband and released a number of images on her Twitter page to advertise season 6 of his well-know Yeezy brand.

The images see Kim modelling the outfits in what look like natural settings caught by the paparazzi, however, the photos are a publicity stunt to promote the brand.

And although it may not be the most mind-blowing advertisement, the natural-looking shots followed by #Yeezy mean the Hollywood power couples creative collaboration has certainly got people talking and caught many eyes on social media.

While the marketing ploy may have left some people asking if anything is real about the couple, others have congratulated them on causing such a stir in such a simple but effective way.

Take a look for yourself:

And Kim’s fame is not just enough for her to be modeling clothes brands, check out how one student wrote their whole dissertation on the reality TV star

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