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How Technology and AI are Shaping The Future of Fashion

Advances in AI and robotics on the runway have gone viral recently, what is fashions role to play in the new era of the digital landscape?

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With AI being used in covers and fashion campaigns and robotics used on runways, fashion is catching up to the technological advances and using them in an inspiring and creative way. Will this become the new norm for the industry?

Robotics on the Runway

Paris Fashion Week showcased numerous beautiful collections from well-renowned fashion houses, but at Coperni, things were a bit different. The runway played host to the Boston Dynamic’s robotic dogs. The yellow robot canines shared the stage with the models, approaching them, taking their coats off, and holding their bags for them. For the first time, robots became the star of Fashion Week.

They depicted the vision that “mankind and machine live in harmony.”

This is not the first time that Coperni has used technology in their runways. The Parisian fashion house went viral last year for its spring/summer show. Bella Hadid closed the show where her dress painted live on the runway. She appeared on the stage in nude underwear while specialists, led by Dr. Menel Torres, creator of spray-on fabric, crafted a perfect Coperni slip dress.

AI Influence on Fashion

AI usage has become trending in today’s digital landscape. The technology has been around for many years but its recently blown up with AI technology such as ChatGPT. Not only has it been used for university essays, but fashion has usurped this technology and is now using intelligence for its covers and AI-generated models.

Recently, Levi Strauss&Co partnered with a digital fashion studio which builds custom AI-generated models to diversify and increase their number of models in a more sustainable and ethical way. However, this garnered backlash, with people highlighting that the denim brand should hire a wider representation of models, rather than rely on AI to do the job.

The brand reissued its statement. The statement says that they are not scaling back on using live models and diverse models but that they are using AI to generate pictures on a faster scale.

Moreover, AI has been used on various covers for fashion magazines. In 2022, Cosmopolitan was the first to use AI on its cover. However, more recently, the March issue of Vogue Singapore featured three AI generated covers which pay homage to innovation and tradition.

“I strongly believe AI has enabled us to realize the true potential of our imagination. In addition, we get to integrate artworks with real work products. Working with the Vogue Singapore team on this innovative project was an honor. Our collaboration has allowed us to push the boundaries of what’s possible.” Varun Gupta, the artist who worked on the cover, tells Vogue Singapore.

Fashions Future in a Technological Landscape

As these technological advances grow and become famous, will fashion keep up with these trends? Will more robot dogs be walking the runway? Will there be an AI fashion week? Our eyes are peeled for what will come next for the industry.

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