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Augmented Reality Digital Clothes are Changing the Social Media Fashion Game for 2021

For thousands of pounds, your online avatar can sport an augmented reality jacket.

Credit: RKFKT

Augmented Reality (AR) digital clothes have started selling for thousands of pounds.

At the beginning of the year, artist Zaid Kirdsey and RTFKT, the creators of virtual shoes and collectibles, teamed up to create their first virtual jacket.

The ‘metajacket’ has already sold out, despite its being $24,996.  

Even people like Paris Hilton are getting in on the AR trend.

AR technology allows the garment to be worn in a range of different simulations. ‘Dress try on,’ ‘wear,’ and even ‘skin,’ all allow for users to change their appearance, and that of their characters when playing online games.

RTFKT also sells virtual trainers, selling for over $4,000. Their limited-edition style, which they only made one of, sold for upwards of $60,000.

Behavioral psychologist Carolyn Mair, who specializes in fashion, told The Guardian that AR outfits satisfy the same need as fast fashion. People can post different outfits on their social media with each new grid post.

Gucci did the same thing with the Gucci Virtual 25. Earlier this year, the brand released its first virtual trainer, selling anywhere between $9 and $12.

The neon green and blue footwear were designed by creative director Alessandro Michele, specifically to be worn on social media.

Gucci collabed with Wanna, an AR fashion platform, to create the shows so they could be worn like a Snapchat face filter. Like RTFKT’s jacket, the shoes can also be worn on avatars in virtual games.

CEO of AR fashion company Wanna, Sergey Arkhangelskiy told Business of Fashion:

“In five or maybe 10 years a relatively big chunk of fashion brands revenue will come from digital products.”

So better get a jacket now, before you’re late to the trend.

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