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Fans Make Their Predictions for the Pokémon Day Presentation

What the internet is predicting to be shown in the upcoming Pokémon Presentation.


Pokémon day is fast approaching, and with it, a brand new Pokémon presents! People worldwide are predicting what will be shown off in this presentation. But just what is expected from this presentation, and what predictions are more likely than others?

The Very Likely

The most likely announcement at this presentation would be updated on the mobile games. Pokémon Presentations have consistently opened with updates for Pokémon GO as well as Pokémon Café Remix. An update for Pokémon Unite is confirmed for February 27th. This update will bring balance patches for the new competitive season. This update also brings a new playable character with Zacian, as announced on the official Twitter page.

The Probable

Since their release, fans have been speculating on the DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Some wonder if it will be an expansion to the Area Zero portion of the map. In an in-game book, an image depicts an as-of-yet unrevealed paradox Pokémon. Fans speculate that the DLC will bring the official reveal of these new Pokémon. In the same in-game text, there is a passage indicating another unrevealed Pokémon.

Others think it will allow players to access the inaccessible section in the Northeastern quadrant of the map. This section sticks out like a sore thumb on the map, so players have wondered what lies beyond the unclimbable cliffs. Many think this section of the map is the Kalos Region from Pokémon X and Y. This theory has some credence to it, as the Paldea region is based on real-world Spain, and Kalos is based on France. Spain and France are connected geographically. Fans think that Kalos and Paldea are connected too. Many hope this DLC will allow players to return to the region of Kalos, just as players could revisit Kanto in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. With the return of Kalos, long-time fans wonder if Mega-Evolution will also make a return.

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Are Gameboy Classics headed to Nintendo Switch Online?

In the February 8th Nintendo Direct, select Gameboy and Gameboy Advanced titles made their way to the Switch via the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. Pokémon had its start on the Gameboy Family of consoles. Many are hopeful that the classic Gameboy and Gameboy Advanced Titles will be playable on the Switch. Fans are optimistic as the original Gameboy Pokémon games were released on the Nintendo 3DS virtual console in 2017. Will these games be making their grand return on the Switch? Fans hope so, but with how infrequent updates to the Switch’s classic games library are, it may not be as likely as many hope.

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The Return of Spin-offs?

As is the norm with the announcement of a Pokémon Presentation, fans of the Spin-off games come out of the woodwork clamoring for a new entry in their favorite series. The Mystery Dungeon crowd has been particularly vocal, as they have been fed crumbs for years. Fans of the series think that the remake of the first game was not enough, hoping for a new entry. However, many other spin-offs have received even less attention over the years. Pokémon Ranger has not had a new release since the Nintendo DS. Pokémon Conquest has only had one game and was also DS exclusive. Fans of those more niche series also hope for a new entry in their series.

Are more Remakes on the way?

Many are hoping for more remakes of classic Pokémon games. This is surprising, considering the lukewarm reception of the most recent remakes. Despite this, Pokémon fans remain hopeful for remakes of older titles. With the Generation 4 games being remade most recently, fans predict that the Generation 5 games will be next. Pokémon Black and White were trending in Japan on Twitter when the presentation was announced. This shows that not just the western audience is hungry for more content. However, some speculate there may be a new entry in the Pokémon Let’s Go series, the Pokémon Go styled reimagining of Pokémon Yellow. Many think that if another game in this series is made, it will take place in the Johto region. However, some believe a new entry in the Legends series set in an old region would also be exciting.

The presentation is on February 27th at 6 AM Pacific, 9 AM Eastern.

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