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WATCH: Seattle Space Needle Lights Up Spectacularly On New Years

This New Years at the Needle light display is trippy to say the least.

Credit: T Mobile New Year's A The Needle

The Seattle Space Needle ushered in 2021 with an innovative new light show.

The landmark is the focal point for New Year celebrations in the city, usually thanks to its impressive firework display, but the countdown to 2021 was a little different.

Most years, crowds of people would gather to see the fireworks spectacle at the Space Needle to welcome in the new year. But due to the rising number of coronavirus cases, the organisers decided instead to create a digital display that could be viewed safely from home, and it was trippy to say the least.

Watch to see how Seattle celebrated the new year.

Credit: T Mobile New Year’s A The Needle.

The digital light show displayed visuals of science, nature, and otherworldly illusions. According to the Space Needle website, the organisers used sky-mapping technology and video footage to create the virtual display.

However, those that visited the landmark in person on December 31st saw it lit a magenta colour, minus all the exciting visuals, as it was only visible on screen.

The at-home event didn’t dampen spirts, however. Audiences still were mesmerised, with some expressing their appreciation on Twitter.

‘I want what this guy was having’ indeed.

So, psychedelic drugs seems to be the take-away theme here, which has to be a compliment to the organisers’ imagination.

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