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These People Match Famous Artworks In A Really Satisfying Way

Life imitating art.

Life imitating art.

Generally in museums, the art is what’s on display. You go and view them individually, and the other people are extraneous. Photographer Stefan Draschan has captured moments where people become artworks too. 

Since 2015, Draschan has been capturing these moments in a series called People Matching Artworks. It isn’t as easy as just walking into a museum and snapping a couple photos of people, though. Draschan will spend hours waiting and watching until a person’s clothing or hair matches piece of art just right. Then, he has to be fast. Since he’s taking these pictures in an organic setting, people are constantly moving around. The perfect picture might only last an instant.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, he says:

“There’s a lot of observing and moving as well. Things happen fast,”

“I just keep my eyes open and walk or cycle around as it inspires me and keeps me fresh”

Here are a couple of images from People Matching Artworks:




You can check out People Matching Artworks here.

If you’re looking for more unusual art, then you should check out this lamp that makes a storm every time Trump tweets.

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