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Instagram Artist Sophie Tea Wants Your Nudes

Would you send your nudes to a stranger over Instagram DM?

Image by Kai Oberhäuser / Stocksnap

Sophie Tea, an Instagram exclusive artist with over 75 thousand followers is about to hit $1 million in profits. How is she doing this you might ask? Well, in part by selling nudes. 

In October, Sophie asked her followers to DM nude photos of themselves so that they could be her “muses” for an upcoming project. Her cheeky Instagram caption read:

So, in the name of art #sendnudes.  

Her followers were happy to oblige. Along with their photos, they also sent their stories, both of which Sophie used as inspiration for her work. 

Fans praised the project for its emphasis on female empowerment and body positivity. 

The solo art show, entitled “Send Nudes,” is set to open December 10th in London with the promise of free tickets, a naked catwalk, and a stocked bar.

Sophie’s shows are actually the only way you’ll be able to see any of her artwork in person– short of owning your own piece that is.

Her business model is simple. The majority of her sales happen on Instagram, where she posts a photo of the artwork and fans can race to the comments to buy the piece. She also hosts solo shows around the world, her most recent being a pool party in Bali. Most of her posts include pictures of her and her artwork as well as extensive captions placing us in her current moment.

She is essentially, an influencer artist– and the people are loving it. That’s the tea, ya’ll. 

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