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Frida Kahlo Exhibit Set To Open – But It’s Not What You Think

Quite the trendsetter.

Quite the trendsetter.

Most people know Frida Kahlo for her prominent and contemporary 20th century artwork. What many don’t know about her, however, is her exquisite fashion sense. The London V&A recently reported that it would be paying tribute to this lesser known facet of Kahlo’s life and will hold a special exhibition dedicated entirely to her style.

The V&A museum is a leading worldwide presenter of art and design. Seeing as how many of Kahlo’s possessions have never been displayed outside of Mexico, this is a perfect opportunity for her global admirers to see her objects. The Telegraph reported that the exhibition is meant to link Kahlo’s personal style with her beloved artwork.

Besides her paintings, Frida Kahlo was known for dressing eclectically. She would frequently piece together dissimilar prints and patters with a multitude of colors. She also adored jewelry and continues to influence fashion designers of today.

The V&A exhibition will open June 16th, 2018 and will display many of the late artist’s personal belongings. Some of these objects will include accessories, medicines, jewelry, prosthetics, letters, and photographs. Most of these items were only recently found in 2004, which is perhaps a little surprising considering Kahlo died in 1954. They were discovered in Blue House (Kahlo’s actual home) inside storerooms and various cupboards. The house had been boarded up since her death.

Diego Rivera (Kahlo’s husband), four years after Frida’s death, chose to make the beautiful house a public museum honoring her.

The V&A exhibition will be titled “Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe” and is set to run from June 16-November 4, 2018. The V&A reported the following in a press statement:

“This ground-breaking exhibition will explore the development of Kahlo’s style as an amalgam of traditional Mexican garments, fashion from Europe and beyond, and demonstrate how her wardrobe was expressive of the complex relationship between her Mexican and Western heritage.”

This sounds like a display you don’t want to miss.

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