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Banksy Makes A Statement On Who Can Purchase Art By Lowering The Cost Of His Own Works

This one’s for the thin pocketed.

This one's for the thin pocketed.

Banksy, the incognito street artist we all know and love for his surreal style, has decided to sell his work for reasonably low prices. Some of his original pieces are being listed for as little as 20 euros, or just about 24 dollars American. Talk about an artist after the heart of the working class. 

Not only will these fine works be sold at his hotel’s gift shop located in The Walled Off Hotel, which is situated on the Palestinian side of the wall separating them from Israel, but his work will also be available through the gift shop’s online store. Best not to sit on your hands, however, because the limited stock is sure to sell like hotcakes.

The Israeli-Palistinian dilemma is obviously a tricky one, and I do not claim to know everything about the issue, but I will say that it is nice to have someone like Banksy offering satirical commentary on the complex situation through creative expression.

He even jests about the location of the hotel on the West Bank, plugging it as “the worst view in the world.”

I personally am most enamored with the print depicting an Israeli military watch tower as a carnival ride. The piece is a steal at 125 euros (125 dollars).

If you are a fan of all things art, give this the old college try.

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