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Artist Turns ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Into Monet Paintings

Instagram isn’t just for selfies.

Credit: Mika Labrague/Facebook

An Instagram account turned stills from the movie ‘Call Me By Your Name’ and turned them into Monet paintings. Cool!

‘Call Me By Your Name’, directed by Lucas Guadagnino, is highly regarded by many. It perfectly captures the passion and fragility of a summer fling, especially when experiencing these things for the first time. It’s no wonder that it connected with so many.

Filipino artist Mika Labrague is no exception. He layered stills from the movie onto the backgrounds of Monet’s paintings. It’s pretty cool to look at, Labrague has really highlighted the artistry of the cinematography.

The movie chronicles Elio and Oliver’s romance in a gorgeous Italian setting. However, this isn’t coincidental. The author of the source material – Andr√© Aciman – was actually inspired by Monet. Namely, his 1884 painting of a sumptuous Italian day by the coast. Aciman reflects:

“The villa in the Monet. The vision of the house. I loved the house, and I wanted to people it. I had no idea who was going to be in it.”

Even in the film, these influences are felt. The main couple share their first kiss on a hilltop. This hilltop being, of course, where Monet himself sat and painted his works.

I love the effort that went into these. Merging these two art forms is an awesome idea. It reminds you just how beautiful the movie is when the characters barely seem out of place in these paintings.

Finally, if you want to check out more, I don’t blame you. There’s much more on the account Call Me By Monet (ha).

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